Big Brother 9: Week 4 Nomination Spoilers
Big Brother 9: Week 4 Nomination Spoilers
At the end of Wednesday's episode of Big Brother 9, Julie Chen announced that Alex and Amanda, the evicted house guests, would be in for a surprise.  Not only that, that it would be a huge twist and mark a new chapter in Big Brother history.  We know that Jen and Parker weren't available for press interviews last week and were instead sequestered (which never happens this early in the game).  There were no interviews with Alex and Amanda, so we can assume they were sequestered as well.  Clearly, one or two or all of those players will be re-introduced into the game in some sort of capacity. Maybe the current house guests will vote one person or one couple back in, maybe it's something more sinister.  So, be on the look out, Big Brother fans.  Things should get mighty interesting next week.  For now, we have some spoilers for you.


The nomination ceremony was held yesterday and one of the couples put up was not a surprise.  Come to think of it, neither were really a surprise.  Matt and Natalie were put up on the block, which was a given.  They've been pegged as strong players and aren't particularly great friends with Joshuah and Sharon.  The other couple they nominated is Ryan and Allison.  We can probably just consider them pawns with Matt and Natalie the real targets, but look at how Operation: Condor worked out last week.  Crazy things happen inside that Big Brother house.

In other news, there was a food competition, and everybody won.  It was one of those group efforts and it appears that the house guests did a pretty good job.  They probably won some good food, maybe a fiesta or something, but most importantly, no one is on slop.  Maybe Big Brother decided that they don't want anymore surprise hospital visits.

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