Big Brother 8: Thrash Rocker in the House, Houseguest Talking Trash
Big Brother 8:  Thrash Rocker in the House, Houseguest Talking Trash
Dick Donato's celebrity connection came as promised, to support one of Big Brother history's most controversial winners.  The multi-tattooed, chain-smoking, cuss-popping, spitting, hacking, flatulent elder Donato proudly declared to his daughter ahead of Big Brother 8's finale, that one of his special guests would be the frontman of the band, Suicidal Tendencies.  True enough, the idol showed up to cheer for the man many have come to call Evil.

Mike Muir, vocalist, frontman and sentimental leader of thrash metal group, Suicidal Tendencies, was on hand during the finale of CBS' Big Brother season 8.  The hard-rocking Muir wore his trademark bandana and SxTx T-shirt as he witnessed first-hand the victory of his number one follower.

Well, Muir's show of support certainly wasn't wasted on Dick, who emerged as this season's Big Brother champion.  He and his daughter, Daniele, who came in second overall, shared their thoughts the day after the series conclusion.

"I wish I could say everyone was a sucker and we actually got along the whole time," Daniele said last Wednesday.  "But everything you saw was true.  We didn't talk and now we do."

"Of course it would have been nice to come in first," Daniele added.  "We wanted to be first and second in the final two and that's what happened.  So for us, honestly, we did win.  We both won."

For his part, Dick was just as thrilled with his half a million dollar windfall as he was about getting his daughter back in his life.

"I won, my daughter came in second, what could be better?" Dick declared.

In other Big Brother 8-related news, third place finisher, Zach Swerdzewski just cannot seem to catch a break. reported that the man known in Big Brother 8 lore as the ogre, was refused entry at the Los Angeles hotspot, Hyde.  When Swerdzewski and his companions could not get past Hyde security, the Big Brother 8 contestant lost his cool and hurled colorful expletives at Hyde personnel.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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