Big Brother 8: Taking a Gander at the Houseguests' Salaries
Big Brother 8: Taking a Gander at the Houseguests' Salaries
We know what Dick and Daniele Donato got paid for their “work” on Big Brother 8.  Dick, as the champion, took home a nice $500,000 paycheck for his efforts.  That's a lot of money, obviously, especially when you consider what the man did for it: berate and mentally abuse people with whom he was living.  I'm a Dick supporter, but anyone who even mildly dislikes the man has to feel sick about this monetary reward.  Daniele, as runner-up, received a nice little $50,000 payday, enough to pay for college, if that's what she decides to do with it, which she should.  None of that is a secret, but what did everyone else on Big Brother 8 make for their troubles?

According to MSN, the houseguests all received a $750 a week stipend while they were in the house and sequester.  This is why it's such a big deal to make it to the sequester house.  After doing some rough math, this means that everyone who made the jury took home about $9000 over the course of the summer.  Not bad at all.  Of course, there are taxes, but who wants to try and  calculate those.  I'm no scientist. 

One thing that makes me happy after reading this news is that when you combine Eric's America's Player prize winnings ($40,000) with his stipend earnings, he made just about as much as Daniele did for coming in second.  Good work America's Player.  But, then, there's the question of whether Daniele and Dick also received stipend money on top of their prize earnings.  My guess would be that they do, but I have no verification for that.  So, there you have it.  It's a lonely time right now for Big Brother fans, with months before the show's next go around, so I though any sort of info nugget might be appreciated.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: MSN
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