Big Brother 8: Season Premiere, Live Thoughts
Big Brother 8: Season Premiere, Live Thoughts
It's that time of year again.  Big Brother fans have been waiting since last September for their favorite reality series to return and now is finally the time.  The show has a new executive producer (Alison Grodner) and some new twists (enemies and "America's Player", both of which will certainly be covered tonight).  How will the first episode shake out?  How will the housemates react when they realize they have to coexist with an enemy?  Who is "America's Player"?  We at BuddyTV will be here all season to give live thoughts, recaps for every episode, commentary, and interviews with the eliminated housemates.  I'll be updating these live thoughts throughout the show. 

We are introduced to each house guest as they "discover" their keys to the house.  Like they didn't know what was coming.  Nonetheless, it's an easy, expository way of introducing us to all of the houseguests. 

Anyway, the enemies twist only consists of three couples:

Evil Dick and Daniele: estranged father/daughter.

Dustin and Joe: Ex-boyfriends

Carol and Jessica: high-school enemies.

Julie Chen brings out the first 11 house guests, without the three enemies yet.  They enter the house in shifts and are only given a minute to choose their own beds. 

The house is pretty crazy.  Really tiny beds, with tiny doors.  It's got a whole Alice in Wonderland theme.

Jen, the hot nanny, is extremely arrogant and vapid.  But, hot. 

Carol is not a fan of Jen.  She actually seems pretty reasonable.

Kail is the oldest lady in the house and doesn't like gay people.

Jameka is not used to being around white people.

Daniele tells everyone she's 21, when she's actually only 20.  She is probably the best looking person to ever be cast on Big Brother.  Stunning.

Dick, Dustin, and Jessica have actually been in the Head of Household room the whole time, even before the other 11 entered the house.  They don't know that they have enemies in the house until Julie tells them.  Julie shows them the other 11.  Their reactions are pretty funny.

Jessica seems pleased at the prospects of mixing it up with her old friend Carol.  Dustin is not happy about seeing Joe again.  Dick tries to play off his surprise with non-chalance.  He and Daniele haven't spoken in 2 years, but Dick says it's because she doesn't want, not him.

Dick is a cooler guy than I had anticipated.

Julie then tells the 11 houseguests that there are three other people in the house, and they're watching their every move.

Time for the first Head of Household competition of the season: 

Only the 11 houseguests will be competing.  Dick, Jessica and Dustin will only watch.  The 11 are told to partner up and stand in front of one of the 5 mushrooms in the backyard.  Nick doesn't find a partner and, therefore, isn't allowed to participate.

One partner sits on a mushroom, the other has to answer true/false questions about their fellow houseguests.  If they get the question wrong, the mushroom starts spinning.  After each wrong question, the mushroom goes faster.  It goes until everyone falls off.

Kail and Eric win the competition.

Julie tells them that the three hidden house guests will now choose between Eric and Kail for who becomes the first head of household. They choose Kail! Also, the three upstairs people are safe from eviction this week and this week only.

Moment of truth: time for the two housemate groups to meet.  Dustin, Dick and Jessica are just going to walk down the stairs.

Joe predicts that it's going to be his ex.  He's right.  Joe decides to talk some smack. 

Dustin, Dick and Jessica meet the other 11 and an awkward silence immediately hits. 

Daniele leaves almost immediately and starts crying.  That's a brutal situation to put someone in. 

Nice.  Time to reveal “America's Player”.  It's Eric.  Good choice.  He seems like a jolly, intelligent dude.  And, now, he will be answer to America.  Should be fun.  Every five tasks he completes (one task an episode, or so) he wins $5,000. 

And, that's the episode.  Not bad. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)