Big Brother 8: Season Highlights
Big Brother 8: Season Highlights
Big Brother 8 is coming to an end.  What happens in the next week isn't going to please all fans, but we can now look back at the Big Brother season and reflect on the good times.  Everyone's going to have different favorite moments, but I've tried to choose some universal highlights and, while the people involved may not be your favorite, remember that it's just one man's opinion.  Please feel free to comment below and tell us what your favorite moments from this season were.  I'm a well-documented Donato supporter, so I expect some well-reasoned venom to be espoused in the comments.  I welcome it.  On to the highlights!

Dustin's Eviction

Dustin walked around liked he owned the place in his final few weeks.  He welcomed his replacement nomination, and even offered to go up against Evil Dick.  Bad move.  The look of shock on his face when Julie announced he had been evicted was absolutely priceless.  Dick had orchestrated the most impressive coup of the season, pulling Jessica and Eric into short-lived but effective alliance.  Dustin was blind-sided and walked out of the Big Brother house utterly confused, leaving behind the crying mass that was Amber.  

Daniele, the New Veto Queen

Daniele tied Janelle's record for most vetoes in a season of Big Brother and added a couple of Head of Households for good measure.  She also won herself a trip to New York to appear on Power of Ten.  And, she might end up doing something Janelle never did: win $500,000.  For the smallest and youngest person in the house, Daniele displayed a lot of heart in the challenges, asserting herself as the most dominant player in the house.  It's an impressive feat and, no matter how you feel about her, is a testament to her intelligence, considering most of her victories came in non-physical tasks.  Who would have guessed this would happen at the beginning of the season?  

Dick the Divider

There are legions of Dick-haters out there, and for good reason.  He has been an incredibly controversial player, often showing disdain for the other houseguests and Big Brother in general.  But, if you break it down, Dick's been a great game player, using intimidation and shrewd strategy to catapult he and his daughter into a position to win the game.  He's been verbally abusive at times, but c'mon, this is a guy who calls himself evil.  Besides Jen, he's been mostly civil with the other houseguests.  And, speaking of Jen, if you watch the cigarette fight, Dick wasn't the one at fault. The iced tea incident?  It's iced tea, people.  Who cares?  A personality like Dick is good for the show, a necessary evil.  How boring would the season have been without his presence in the house?  

Jen's Unitard

Nothing summed up the phenomenon of Jen like her unitard phase.  Her need for attention was never more clearly displayed than by her enthusiasm at having to wear the red unitard for a week.  Jen's vanity was astonishing, almost unbelievable, from crying over her memory wall picture, to taking down the picture of her family in her HoH room because she didn't like how she looked.  The fact that Jen was so excited to be the center of attention in the skin tight unitard was bizarrely telling, the kind of thing that sticks in your mind well after the fact (whether you want it to or not).

America's Player Tasks

I waffled on having America's Player in the house for awhile, but I have to admit that it was good for the show.  It certainly stirred things up and gave us some great moments during the season.  Eric pouring mustard on Jen's clothes was hysterical, if only for the havoc it wreaked in the house.  Even telling Eric how to vote proved disruptive, eventually leading to the innocent Nick's eviction.  My favorite task might have been when Eric had to mimic Dick on three separate occasions.  It was so weird and, in the context of the other houseguests, came out of nowhere.  But, it did break the monotony of the house and provided some good TV.  

What are your favorite moments from the season?  Share them below.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer  
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