Big Brother 8: Ranking the Top 8 Houseguests
Big Brother 8: Ranking the Top 8 Houseguests
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
With the sequester house starting to fill up, the game on Big Brother 8 is getting good. Alliances have been broken, restarted, and broken again. Enemies are now friends, and it's getting easier to see who has the best chance at taking it all.

Here I will offer my take on how the houseguests currently rank, in terms of likelihood of winning the whole thing. It's not just about this week, it's about the long term. Let us know what you think as well, and how the houseguests rank in your eyes.

#8) Amber Tomcavage

Let's face it, nobody likes her. America is fed up with her crying, and the other houseguests seem just as annoyed. With her best friend Dustin evicted, it's just a matter of time before Amber is tossed out. When she had a support system, it looked like there was a chance she could make it far, but now that her alliance is crumbled and Dick still lives, there's very little she can do to keep a level head and play the game well.

#7) Jen Johnson

There's a huge danger when you try to play both sides of a feud. On the one hand, you can succeed and fly under everyone's radar (see: Zach). But in Jen's case, everyone seems to be on to her. Dick and Daniele have temporarily aligned with her, though they are more than wary. Jessica and Eric don't trust her either, aware that anything they say is not privileged. Jen carefully avoided three consecutive nominations, getting taken off the block with the PoV each time. But sooner or later, she won't win that competition, and her time will be up.

#6) Jameka Cameron

Much like Amber, the eviction of Dustin and America's choice of pairing Eric with Dick leaves her treading water until she gets taken out when it's convenient for everyone else. Ironically, the best thing she has going for her is the fact that she can't play in three more HoH competitions, because it means she can skate by since no one perceives her as a threat.

#5) Eric Stein

Without being able to play his own game, Eric is subject to the whims of the American voting public. Right now, that looks like teaming up with Dick, and while that helps Dick, it doesn't really help Eric. He will probably be able to manipulate himself further into the game, and though it's not shown, it's not hard to draw the conclusion that the Big Brother producers would prefer to have him stay in the game, which is always helpful.

#4) Zach Swerdzewski

Zach is one of the those lucky HGs that goes further than he should. His early Mrs. Robinson Alliance was systematically taken out over the course of three straight weeks, and while he should've been next, there's always that one straggler who gets to slide to the final four solely based on the fact that everyone underestimates him. Zach is that man, and thus far, he has never been in any real danger. This will help him get a bit further as the whole Dick drama unfolds, but eventually the house will become so empty there will be nowhere for Zach to hide.

#3) Daniele Donato

Yes, she's the current HoH, but that doesn't mean she has the best shot at winning the whole thing. Thus far she has proven herself quite capable (two PoV and two HoH wins), but the problem is her father. The other HGs see that she's mostly hiding behind her father, letting Dick do all the dirty work while she rakes in the benefits. As such, even though Dick is completely mean to everyone, Daniele is viewed as the tougher player, and becomes the bigger target. There will come a time when the HGs actually get to choose between Dick and Daniele, and they will choose to evict Daniele.

#2) Jessica Hughbanks

Despite being last week's HoH, Jessica is flying farther under the radar than Zach at this point. She is probably the only HG who doesn't appear to have any enemies. Eric and Zach both like her, Amber and Jameka have no choice but to stick with her, while Dick and Daniele seem to respect her. That strength could be her only possible weakness, as when it gets down to the final four, she'll need to compete hard because otherwise, no one will want to face her in the final two.

#1) Dick Donato

Much as I regret this, Dick is probably the person most in charge of this game. First, he clearly has America's support, as the voting for America's Player is to his advantage at almost every turn. So, by proxy, he has an alliance with Eric whether he knows it or not. He also has tentative arrangements with Zach and Jen, which he can use to his advantage. But the biggest coup for him is his daughter, Daniele. When she's in charge, he's in charge, and if gives him an advantage. He's only won the competition once, but he's essentially been the Head of Household three times now, orchestrating every move his daughter makes. The added bonus, as discussed with Daniele, is that she is seen as the one behind the scenes, so, in a weird way, Dick is insulated from the power because the other HGs will target her over him every time.

The only trick for Dick is deciding who to go heads up against at the end.  If it's Daniele, he wins either way.  Amber and Jameka are so hated, Dick could easily beat either of them.  No one seems to like Jen much either, so that would be a win as well.  Eric wouldn't stand a chance because he's had to be so secretive that no one will trust him.  That leaves the two primary underdogs, Jess and Zach.  Jessica could easily get four votes (Amber, Dustin, Jameka and Zach), leading to her victory.  Zach would be a wild card.  Odds are, Jen Eric and Daniele would vote for Dick while Dustin, Amber and Jameka vote for Zach, leaving Jessica as the decider.

Regardless, it's becoming quite clear that the Donatos, Jessica and Zach are the obvious key players in how the winner will be decided.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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