Big Brother 8: Ranking the Top 4 Houseguests
Big Brother 8: Ranking the Top 4 Houseguests
With Jessica and Eric's departure from the Big Brother house, it's getting easier to see the finish line.  There's certainly a clear hierarchy and bot Jess and Eric are going to look back at their opportunities to rid the house of a Donato with regret.  This was the easiest ranking we've had this year.  After a couple weeks of having Jessica ranked in the top spot (which I will defend to the death), we have a new houseguest gracing the top spot.   It wasn't all that difficult a decision and I think most people will agree with me.  The Donatos have the power, because they're good at challenges and are loyal.  They're in the driver's seat.

4.Jameka Cameron

Jameka has been a fighter.  Maybe she hasn't played the best game and been somewhat of a floater, but she's definitely been well-liked by everyone in the house, stayed on their good side and, if she somehow makes it to the final two, Jameka might go home a rich woman.  Unfortunately, I don't see her making it past Thursday. 

3.Zach Swerdzewski

Zach's played a very shrewd under-the-radar game in the Big Brother house.  I think he's been largely unappreciated.  I'm unsure why he made a deal with Dick and Daniele last night.  He could've teamed up with Eric, vetoed him and then voted out Daniele.  We'll see if it comes back to haunt him.  He's going to have to do his very best to get a Donato evicted this week.  If he gets the next HoH and Jameka gets voted out, Zach is next.

2. Dick Donato

Dick maybe deserves the number one slot, but I think the chances are that Dick and Daniele are going to make it to the finals together and that Daniele will win the vote.  Is that a given?  No.  I think it's possible that Dick could beat his daughter in a final vote.  Not likely, but possible.  Last night's HoH victory was one of the most important moments of the season for him and Daniele. 

1. Daniele Donato

Daniele is the best competition player left and she's the more likable between her and her dad.  I have no choice but to make her the favorite to win the $500,000.  She may be a little dour and bratty at times, but who wouldn't be after all this time stuck in the Big Brother house.  Her competitiveness remains intact, and having her father there only helps her strategically.  I'm betting on Daniele to win this thing.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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