Big Brother 8: Ranking the Top 6 Houseguests
Big Brother 8: Ranking the Top 6 Houseguests
I've never had more trouble coming up with a Big Brother power ranking.  And, still, what I've come up with is almost totally arbitrary.  So much depends on who new Head of Household Zach nominates and who he intends to evict from the house.  If he's smart, which I think he kind of is, he'll make a deal with Jameka in which he won't nominate her in return for possession of her vote.  That way, Zach can dictate exactly who he wants gone, by nominating one person each from the Daniele/Dick and Jessica/Eric alliances.  And, when you add the fact that next Thursday is going to be a live double eviction, there are an almost infinite amount of ways that things can play out.  Nevertheless, here are the rankings I came up with.  Feel free to comment and add your own rankings. 

#6 – Jameka Cameron

Daniele, Dick, Eric, and Jessica will not allow Jameka to make the final two.  I sincerely believe that.  She might be difficult to beat in a final vote and given how heavily the two alliances have been playing the game, Jameka just can't be allowed to advance much further.  Although, this week Jameka should be completely safe.  If Zach nominates her, he relinquishes all the voting power to whichever two-person alliance doesn't have a member nominated.  But, look for Jameka to be evicted in two weeks.

#5 – Dick Donato

I still think Dick has a very good chance at making it to the final two.  But, as I've said before, Dick has almost zero chance at beating anyone in the final vote.  Maybe he could beat Zach if he plays the “I played the game” card, especially with the built-in vote he'd have have from his daughter.  But, other than that, Dick has little chance at winning $500,000.

#4 – Eric Stein 

America's Player is in danger of going home next Thursday.  Zach may very well decide to target Eric this week.  If he decides to not take down a Donato, Eric has to be the next choice.  Although, if he were really smart, he'd probably target Jessica over Eric, but he likes Jess too much, even after Jessica nominated him this week.  Eric isn't going to beat alliance member/showmance Jess in the final two, but he could probably win the vote against Zach or a Donato.

#3 – Zach Swerdzewski

Zach needs to play his cards perfect this week.  He needs to do the nominations delicately.  He needs to communicate with everyone and make his intentions clear to avoid later grudges.  Whatever happens, there's going to be someone pissed at him after Thursday.  If he can make Jameka an ally for the next two weeks and attempt to drag her into the final two, Zach could be a surprise Big Brother winner. 

#2 – Daniele Donato

This is my most iffy ranking on the board.  There's a chance that the only way Dani wins the whole thing is if she makes the final two with her father.  So, why put her in the number two spot?  If both Donatos make it through next Thursday unscathed, Dani's going to be the favorite going away.  If not, she's in bad shape. 

#1 – Jessica Hughbanks

Everyone likes Jessica, even after her two stints as HoH.  To be honest, this says a lot about Jessica as a person.  Like many Big Brother fans, my first impression of Jess was not a good one.  Her voice annoyed me, and she seemed like a spoiled sorority girl.  That's why you shouldn't pay much attention to first impressions.  Jessica has been the most likable person in the Big Brother house for quite some time, and it's a testament to how she's played the game.  She has a relatively healthy relationship with everyone in the house.  If she makes the final two, which is a strong possibility, there's no way she doesn't win the final vote.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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