Big Brother 8: Nudity in Review
Big Brother 8: Nudity in Review
When CBS announced that they would be airing a nightly three-hour installment of the Big Brother live feeds on ShoToo called Big Brother: After Dark the question of nudity immediately came up.  Nudity is a staple of the European versions of Big Brother and, while previous US seasons have seen some nudity on the internet feeds, that picture quality wasn't very good.  With After Dark, Big Brother enthusiasts were promised an uncensored version of Big Brother in vibrant HD.  This was to be the year of rampant nudity on Big Brother!  Young, beautiful ladies topless everywhere!  Topless pillow fights!  Unfortunately, for male Big Brother fans at least, the nudity came from all the wrong places on Big Brother 8

When CBS cast Jen, Jessica, and Daniele, I'm sure they expected at least one of the three to cavort nude around the Big Brother on a regular basis.  After all, one's a model, one's a sorority girl and one's a Hooters waitress.  Should have been a done deal, right?  It turns out that Jen, Jessica and Daniele were all far more modest than the casting people expected.  It's true that Jen had no issues with walking around in skimpy, revealing clothes, but there was nothing in terms of real nudity.  The furthest Jess and Dani ever got were their bikinis which, to be fair, they did wear religiously. 

So, who were ShoToo and internet feed viewers able to see naked on Big Brother 8?  The definite nude queen was Amber, who appeared to be oblivious of the bedroom cameras.  She was topless numerous times while changing.  It wasn't pretty.  Jameka had a couple of modest flashes, but nothing overt.  That's it for the girls.  Really.  On the dude's side, from what I've read, Dick was the major nudity offender, which makes me shiver in disgust just thinking about it.  Of course, there was also Zach's backyard streak, which live feed watchers were able to view online.  Besides that, there's really nothing else.  Disappointing.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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