Big Brother 8: HoH Part 1 and Jameka Eviction, Reader Reactions
Big Brother 8: HoH Part 1 and Jameka Eviction, Reader Reactions
After a marathon seven and a half hour competition, being pelted by rain, soaking wet and shivering cold, the first part of the three HoH competition. In case you don't want to be spoiled, we won't say who won, but it was a gutsy display by all parties. The fact that it went almost eight hours is incredible. The Big Brother final three is set and the next two legs of the HoH competition is ridiculously important.  All you BuddyTV users had a lot to say about last night's Big Brother eviction episode and we've chosen to post some of the best comments from the night.  Feel free to let yourself be heard in the comments section below and, if worthy, we may just post your thoughts. 

Zach doesn't deserve to win based on any measure. He's more insidious than either Donato. What's really pathetic is how he has so quickly come to believe his own hype. Dick and Daniele as the final two would make an awesome show - especially if you think Daniele is whiny (not "whinny"). The jury would have a real decision to make: base it on number of wins (Daniele), or their own spitefulness (give it Dick)...the only real entertainment this season has been thier antics and the drama unfolding between the aging hard-rocker Dick and the tenderness he obviously feels for his daughter. Either one of the Donato's deserves to win this over anyone else this season. Despite Dick's cussing and spitting and talking too much, and Daniele's pouting and whining - the show would have been boring without them. Dustin being voted out was by far THE BEST show of the season. Seeing Zach go down will be the next best...

Daniele is not to be pitied. She has been manipulative and conniving the whole time and not just as game play. She has learned her dad's tricks, but knows how to use them quietly. She also whines like a little baby every time she doesn't get her way. She doesn't deserve to win. And if Dick wins, you know he will share the wealth with his daughter, but I bet if she wins she won't even talk to Dick, much less share the money.

susie107 said: I used to root for D&D, but I always like the underdogs and they have been bullys and hypocrites for the last 6 weeks (longer really). Zach did lay low, but u could c it as strategy and it DID work even if you don't think he played as hard as the Donatos, when really he just played differently. It certainly can't be debated whether or not he won comps when he needed to. His biggest mistake is that he kept the donatos (one more time) thinking it will help him when he should have used the POV on either Eric or Jameka forcing Dick to put up Dani. Dick started the foolish tirade on Zach last night only because Dani was motioning 4 him to do something. Either way Dani will not win & that will be priceless to watch.

 I have never felt it necessary to suggest this before, but if it is the two Donatos in the final two, I think that every member of the jury should refuse to vote. Once again, Dick proved why neither he nor his evil spawn are worthy of winning.

Why did D&D make such a huge issue out of Zach nominating them? It didn't matter at all who he nominated; all that mattered was who won the POV. For example, if he had nominated Dani and Jameka, it wouldn't have made any difference: if Dani won it, she saves herself, Zach must replace her with Dick and Dani votes Jamea out; if Jameka wins it, she saves herself and votes Dani out. No matter who's nominated, when it's down to the final 4, whoever gets the veto is the only person that can vote (unless it was Zach, in which case he would have kept things the same and let Jameka vote), so it made absolutely no difference who he nominated. Did anybody realize this other than me?

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