Big Brother 8: Finale Reader Reactions
Big Brother 8: Finale Reader Reactions
Big Brother 8, now over, is still spurning a good amount of discussion.  I have a feeling that this season will always be a divisive one, especially in retrospect.  Dick Donato will either be regarded as a great game player or an evil, venom spewing jackass.  All viewers can agree that some of Dick's tirades were out of line, but the debate will rage over whether or not it was ultimately justified.  In the contrived bubble of life that is Big Brother, Dick's Machiavellian tactics were effective.  If he won the game as a result of what you might consider despicable actions, the mere fact that it worked has to justify what he did.  Nothing else matters, because it's a game.  You can blame CBS for editing the Donatos in a favorable manner, but the jury members were there the whole time, they endured Dick's full wrath and still respected him enough to hand him $500,000.  Nonetheless, our BuddyTV reader reactions have skewed anti-Dick for quite some time, although in the wake of his victory, a few supporters let themselves be heard. 

After last night's finale, there were two distinct camps among readers. The first was the vindicated, pro-Donatos:

I am so glad that Dick won - he deserved it all the way. What ticked me off was the whiney mouthed jurors. Their questions were pitiful, their attitudes even more pitiful! Dustin, Amber and Jen embarrassed themselves. Zach and Eric knew it was all a game and that's that. How dare Amber be so stinking judgmental, guess she has lived a perfect life - NOT! All in all, a pretty disappointing season but I will be back next year!

Dick rocks. I hope he kicks erics ass when he sees him again. Dick gave them all what they deserve. Even Michel Jordan talked smack, all game players chat. Dick was just the best.

And then there's the anti-Donato faction:

So what's the moral of the story BB8 is telling us? That being a horribly abusive a**hole like Dick should be rewarded? They (CBS) let a bully go threatening and intimidating people for the whole season, and did nothing but encourage it. BB should be cancelled forever.

After the jury questions when she knew she lost, Dani was a pitiful brat in the house (as usual) and Dick was left once again apologizing for doing nothing to her but help her make it to the end. I'm sure she was so "ecstatic" at the end because Dick will most likely split the money with her. She has emotionally blackmailed him and I don't think for one second if SHE won the money that she would split it with him. The whole scene is pretty sickening, actually.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer (Image Courtesy of TVGrapevine)