Big Brother 8: Finale, Live Results
Big Brother 8: Finale, Live Results
Here we are, folks.  The end of the line.  It's time for those devoted live feed watchers to regroup and ready themselves for nine months of Big Brother-less existence.  I find it hard to imagine a Big Brother finale ever being this anti-climactic.  In most people's eyes, including mine, the prize money is going into the same pot, whether it's Dick Donato or Daniele Donato who takes home the money.  But, and there most certainly is a "but", there's some good stuff to look forward to tonight.  Personally, I can't wait for Eric to reveal, on live television, that he was America's Player.  Does Jessica already know?  Will she slap him?  Also, even though the general consensus is that Dick is going to win the final vote, I'm not so sure that Daniele can't pull off an upset.  Anyway, I'll be here throughout the episode, giving live, up-to-the-minute updates on all the action, including the reveal of the Big Brother 8 champion.

Julie Chen is wearing a very strange necklace.  It has like two different levels and is full of turquoise circles.  All very silly. 

Oh, hey!  We get a full recap of the season, in very succinct form.  Mostly, they talk about the evolution of Dick and Daniele's relationship. 

Okay, that's over. 

Jury house footage time.  The jury members wait for the last jury member to show up.   They all agree that that they don't want to see Zach show up.  When he arrives, everyone is pissed off. 

Eric is told by America to try and get Dick to win Big Brother 8.  He's happy that he gets Dick.  The jury has the same conversation all us fans have had forever.  Who deserves to win it?  Eric brings up the point that Dick played the game in a very defined manner and that he deserves to win.  Jen says that she won't vote for Dick because he's an asshole.  Amber eventually moves onto the pro-Dick side.  Jameka calls Daniele “the pimp” and Dick “the Ho”.  Ha.

After the commercial break, we'll get the jury questioning and Eric's America's Player reveal.

I love how the ad campaign for 'Good Luck Chuck' is wholly reliant on Jessica Alba in her underwear and not on Dane Cook not being funny.  Here's my impression of Dane Cook: “(Funny Noises)”. 

Hey, Janelle's in the crowd.  She was available. 

Time for jury questioning time. 

Dustin asks about Dani throwing Dick under the bus early in the game.  Dick answers diplomatically.

Amber asks about why she should vote for Dani after her fling with Nick, considering she had a boyfriend.  Dani counters that her personal life has nothing to do with the game.

Jess asks about who would Dick like to have next to him if it wasn't Dani.  He says no one. 

Eric asks Dick why each jury member would deserve to be in the final two.  He says Dustin and Jen don't deserve it.  And, neither does Amber.  Dick says Eric was the best player in the game and that Jess made some moves.  He says Zach came on big in the end. 

Zach asks about what each of the Donatos has learned from each member on the jury.  She'll take Eric's humor and Jessica's fun-loving attitude.  Amber's heart.  Dick learns from Dustin that over-confidence is bad.  He says Jameka is the best person in the game.  He learns from Zach not to underestimate someone's will. 

Jameka asks Dani what she credits herself for.  She says back-dooring Jen was her biggest move. 

Jen says she respect neither Donato at all.  She asks whether this game has strengthened Dick's relationship with Dani.  He gives a nice heartfelt speech.  Dani follows it up with a less heartfelt speech. 

Dick says that the thing he feels worst about is turning on Jess and Eric.  He admits to having to do a lot of the dirty work. 

Dani is upset with Dick's speech, because she thinks that Dick campaigned for himself, while she didn't.  Sour grape, Dani.  Dick is pissed at himself now.  By the way, this is footage from a couple days ago.

Now, live, Julie introduces the Big Brother jury.  Jessica is tan.  Jen is annoying.

Commercial, then vote casting time.

Daniele uses the word “honestly” to begin a sentence for the 9,000th time in the last three months.  The jury will be casting their votes RIGHT NOW!

The jury members are allowed to make one final statement before they cast their votes. 

Eric goes first, calls it a clear cut choice.

They're putting the key of the person they're voting for into the nomination wheel, so as to not reveal who they voted for just yet.

Jen is mean, Dustin is humble. Zach babbles a little bit.  Amber doesn't cry.  Jessica is nice and bubbly.  She looks pretty good, by the way.  And that is it.  We'll find out the results in a bit.

And, wow, another commercial.  The first five evictees will be reappearing after the break.  Eh.

Howie is yelling like a maniac in the crowd.  I can't he was available too.  What are the odds.

Dick's mother/Daniele's grandmother is here talking with Julie, as is Dani's brother/Dick's son Vincent.  Carol, Mike, Joe, Kail and Nick join us live outside of the Big Brother house. 

Nick and Dani have an awkward conversation.  Carol was proud of how Jessica played the game.  Joe enjoyed seeing Dustin fall apart.  Mike, as well, doesn't have much to say.  Kail is not surprised that Dick made it this far. 

Time to reveal America's Player.  Cue the mysterious music. 

Julie sets it up and then goes to the tape of Eric explaining the America's twist. 

Everyone is pretty shocked by this.  It's nice that they're showing the video evidence of everything. 

This si fun.  We're going through all of the tasks with the houseguests' reactions.  Eric did really well throughout the season, especially keeping it a secret. 

First, we get Jessica's reaction.  She's not mad at him.  Awww. 

Dick is really surprised by it all.  Dani is shocked, but calls it hilarious. 

Eric gets a chance to explain himself and mostly says that everything involved with Jessica was genuine. 

Moment of truth.  Julie's going to count the votes. 

Eric/America votes for Dick.

Jameka votes for Daniele.

Dustin votes for Dick.

Jen votes for Daniele. 

Zach votes for Dick. 

Amber votes Dick. 


Dick and Daniele emerge from the Big Brother house.  There's a lot of hugging.

Dick says that he's going to use hius money to take an around-the-world trip.  Dani assures us that she is ecstatic for her father.

And, we're done.  It's been a fun season, everyone.  Thanks for all the comments (even the bad ones) and we'll be back in about nine months. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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