Big Brother 8: Final Jury Vote, Reader Predictions
Big Brother 8: Final Jury Vote, Reader Predictions
The Big Brother 8 finale is tonight and our BuddyTV reader jury vote predictions are in.  In an overwhelming majority, our readers think Dick Donato will beat out his daughter for the $500,000 prize.  You all have your reasons, and we've posted some of the most well thought out ones below.  All of these user comments are in response to our Big Brother 8: Final Jury Vote Predictions article we published yesterday. 

One important note.  We'll be interviewing Dick and Daniele over the phone tomorrow.  At the same time!  If any of you have some ideas for good questions, let us know in the comments section below.  The interview should be up on Thursday morning. 

This reader disagrees with my assertion that Zach will vote for Daniele:

 I disagree with the author on Zach's vote. I think it would be strongly likelihood favor Zach vote for Dick. Zach already told Dani that Dick carried her in the competitions even if that isn't really the case..perception matters. Zach also said he was pleasantly surprised that Dick exit interview gave Zach some props and Zach seem so grateful for that. Add to that the dual on the endurance competition and respect Zach gave Dick for that was quite telling. I don't see Zach thinking much of Dani except for winning some competition and even then, Dick won crucial ones that really mattered towards the end.
(New York)

This reader believes that despite Dick's verbal abuse of Jen, she'll still give Dick her vote:

I think Jen will vote for Dick. Danielle was supposed to have her back but she lied. Danielle may have won competitions but could she have won them without the mental support of her father. I guess we will never know. Dick deserves the money. I don't agree with his tactics but I also think he simply game playing and CBS allowed it, so it was authorized. Dick would share the money with his daughter but I don't think Danielle will necessary share the wealth with Dick. I hope that this is the last BB with family members in the same house. It provided for a grossly unfair advantage. Regardless of how much water may be under a family's bridge, in the end, blood is thicker than water.

A lot of our readers want Dick to win because they don't think Daniele will share any of the money if she wins:

I think the voting will come down to how much the jury house has seen of Danielle on camera. If they see what a brat she has been (and is) I doubt she will gather many votes. If not, then she will get the sympathy votes. I like how Dick rolled his eyes when she asked him how far he could go with $50k...maybe he's starting to get it too.

 Somehow, I don't see Danielle as being the generous type. I can see Dick splitting it with Danielle, but not vice versa. By the way, earlier I would have voted for Danielle, but she's so whiny and so obviously manipulating Dick's feelings that I don't think I could stand it if she wins. I certainly hated Dick's abuse of everyone, but somehow, I see that now as more of a reaction to protect Danielle, than anything else and you gotta give some props to a dad looking out for his daughter.
-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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