Big Brother 8: Episode 2, Live Thoughts
Big Brother 8: Episode 2, Live Thoughts
We're back tonight with the second episode of Big Brother 8.  With the premiere out of the way, we can get to some nice houseguest interaction.  We know the twists, we know the relationships, we know the Head of Household, and now we get to see how all the hamsters react to their new digs.  How will the so-called enemies get along?  Will Evil Dick and daughter Daniele reconcile?  Will Jessica and Carol entertain us with cat fights?  Will Dustin and Joe settle their gonorrhea debate?  I'll be here updating live throughout the show.

It's difficult to underestimate how awful a situation Daniele has been put in.  Hopefully, she'll come out of it all right.  Evil Dick doesn't seem like the horrible person some are making him out to be.  Who knows?

The three enemy couples explain their strained relationships.  Carol and Jessica haven't spoken in something like 6 years. Dustin and Joe is going to be the worst relationship here, you have to think. 

We focus on Daniele's reaction to finding out her father was here.  She says that Dick has never really been her dad, never been a father figure.  Almost immediately after we left off from last week, Dick and Daniele have a little talk in the bathroom.  He asks her if she's lost a lot of weight.  She is pretty skeletal.

Joe is being pretty awful about Dustin.  He goes on a tirade in front of everyone about the gonorrhea and tells everyone to do everything in their power to get him off the show.

Jessica and Carol patch things up pretty quickly.  They aren't best friends, not even all that friendly, but there's BARELY any animosity there.

Kail gets the HoH key and we check out the HoH room.  There's a bunch of pictures of the family, the room has a blue tint. 

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  The houseguest pictures go up on the wall and Jen doesn't like her picture, so she starts crying.  She goes crazy.  She says she's never taken such a bad picture in her life.  In the interview room she keeps crying.  This is insane.  She's like a 2-year-old.

Evil Dick tells stories about his Hollywood connections.  Daniele tells everyone that he's the biggest name dropper ever and we get a montage of Dick dropping a ton of names.  Funny stuff.  Dick, according to him, hangs out with a bunch of rock stars.  This is probably not the case. 

Amber is a single mother, and her mother was a single mom.  She's a crier as well, especially when telling all her stories.  In the interview room, she's a crying mess. 

Kail and Mike form an early, early alliance.  They bring in Zach and Nick to make it a 4-way alliance.  These guys could wreak some serious havoc, especially with all the younger people in the house. 

Bringing in Nick as the fourth might be an iffy proposition.  I could see him getting seduced by one of the young ladies.

The "Mrs. Robinson" alliance is born.

Time for the first competition of the night.  It's a food competition.

Kail splits the houseguests into two teams.  It's a popcorn-centric challenge.  On one end of a runway, one teammate pumps butter out of a huge dispenser onto three or so teammates.  The buttered up teammates then rush over to a popcorn bag and dump as much butter from their bodies into the bag.  Whoever has the most butter when the buzzer sounds win.

The red team wins, thanks mostly to Amber's huge mane of hair. 

The blue team will now be eating Big Brother slop for the week.  Yikes.  Daniele, Jameka, Eric, Joe, Jen, and Nick will be eating the slop.

Dustin and Joe decide to jump into a hammock together and have another gonorrhea talk.  Joe is fairly verbally abusive and seems like a delusional dude.  These two aren't big fans of each other.

Dick tries to talk with Daniele in the bathroom.  She ignores him at first, but then reluctantly talks a little shop with him.  They may be working together, strategically, going forward on the show.

Kail is having a difficult time deciding who to nominate.  No conclusions as of yet.

Time for some "America's Player" action.  America votes tonight on who Eric needs to pour his heart out to with a made-up personal story.  All houseguests are eligible.  That could be a fun one. 

Nomination time.  It truly is a difficult choice this early in the game.  Remember, Dustin, Dick, and Jessica are safe.

Carol and Amber are the two nominees.  Kail says she's basing her decision on the the HoH competition.  Amber and Carol were the first people eliminated from that competition.  Pretty fail-safe decision from Kail.  Not too arbitrary, but it keeps Kail blameless. 

And that's the show.  On Tuesday. we'll have the PoV competition and ceremony.  We'll be back later tonight with a full recap of the episode.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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