Big Brother 8: BuddyTV Readers React to Jen's Eviction
Big Brother 8: BuddyTV Readers React to Jen's Eviction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
For many weeks, Big Brother 8 viewers have been commenting on BuddyTV about how much they love Dick.  Well, after Jen's eviction last night, things have changed.  As controversial as she was, and as much as the Big Brother producers tried to make her look like the bad guy on the TV show, a clear majority of BuddyTV readers support her and pick her over Dick in their bitter rivalry.

The fight everyone focused on involved Dick blowing smoke in Jen's face, Jen destroying Dick''s cigarettes, and Dick hiding Jen's clothes.  Many readers felt there was an unfair bias in the way Big Brother producers treated the two.  One user explained how what we saw on TV was slightly different from what actually happened.  "[Jen] was told by BB that she could destroy cigarettes and when she did they gave Dick more in the storage room to replace the ones she ruined, but when he hid her stuff or followed her around to just be an ass they didnt do a thing."

Other readers prefer to focus on the verbal abuse Dick has used against Jen.  "I am very disgusted that BB would allow this kind of behavior. It makes me feel like they condone his behavior by never saying, "that's enough Dick!""

During her struggle to remove a lit cigarette from Dick's hand, Jen was burned, and though some believed it to be an accident, others did not.  "I am completely shocked and sickened by the fact that Jen was punished for pouring bleach on cigarettes and Devil Dick was allowed to purposely burn her without any repercussion."

Another reader pointed out the hypocrisy in Jen getting in trouble, even though Big Brother encouraged Eric to destroy her stuff with the America's Player voting.  "How is it that Jen gets into so much trouble for destroying Dick's cigs., but America gets to vote to destroy Jen's property? (Remember the mustard incident?)"

The most unusual part of this wave of support for Jen is that no one seems to genuinely (or Jen-uinely) like her.  Here's a brief list of some of the opening thoughts of some of our readers, who all went on to defend Jen:

-"not that I like Jen, b/c I don't, but..."
-"I don't like Jen either, but..."
-"Not that Jen doesn't have her faults, but ..."
-"Jen was not a favorite of mine,but..."
-"Jen may be a lot of things but..."

However, there still are some who stand by Dick.  One reader was glad to see her go for one particular reason.  "Jen was annoying & I am glad to see her hit the road, i have had enough of those stupid shirts."

One BuddyTV user went on an extensive rant in defense of Dick's behavior.  " I am sorry, but Jen was not a victim in that incident. I question why she kept standing there invading ED's space when he was smoking. You see it on the Video. She stand and looms over him, saying don't blow smoke in my face. Good enough, so why did she stand there? When he blew the second time it was not in her face. She didn't move because she wanted the fight. She wanted to try to get him booted."

That same user went on to comment on Jen's moral superiority and poor gamesmanship.  "I did not like the way she played the game. I think she wanted to try to destroy the game. She couldn't win, so she was going to try and ruin it for everyone else. She was mad at big brother so she took it out on ED?"

But without Jen around, what will be the next hot topic amongst BuddyTV readers?  The non-Jen related posts indicated two distinct possibilities.  The first is Amber, as people are still annoyed by her constant crying.  Echoing the thoughts of nearly everyone, a BuddyTV reader is "Tired of Amber's crying about EVERYTHING!"

The other possibility is Eric.  America's Player has long been a polarizing figure, but lately he's made several comments that riled the feathers of a lot of readers (ironic, as many of them are the same people who are totally fine with Dick's many uncouth comments).  As Jen was leaving, Eric shouted out that everyone inside was happier she'd be leaving than she was to get rid of them.  One reader responded "Eric is a piece of c#$p for saying such a mean thing to her as she left. After he said what he did, like a coward five feet away from her, I hope that Jessica hooks up with Zach. I would love to see his face, when his pillow pal finds someone else to snuggle up next to at night that actually acts like a man!"

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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