Big Brother 8: Breaking Down the Final Jury Vote Possibilities
Big Brother 8: Breaking Down the Final Jury Vote Possibilities
Big Brother 8 is down to the final three.  Dick, Daniele and Zach are currently in the midst of a three-part final Head of Household competition that will ultimately decide who makes it to the final two.  The uncertainty of who the final two will be is simpler than it has been in previous seasons because of the father/daughter alliance of Dick and Daniele.  If either of the Donatos win the HoH, they will take the other to the final vote.  If Zach wins the HoH, everyone assumes that he'll take Dick with him to the final vote, but I don't think that's a foregone conclusion.  I wouldn't put it past Zach to bring Daniele into the finals, if only to avoid a few days of verbal lashings from Dick.  It's also quite possible that Zach will figure that the Donatos are interchangeable in terms of final jury votes.  With all this mind, let's take a look at who would win the jury vote in each of the three possible final two combinations.

Dick vs. Daniele

I think Daniele would win this vote handily.  While some of the jury members may respect Dick's game play, Daniele was no slouch, dominating the challenges and saving herself from eviction on numerous occasions.  Also, I'm fairly certain that Dick would openly encourage the jury to vote for his daughter, because that's what a father should do. 

Dick vs. Zach 

This is a tough one that could come down to America's Vote.  Dick might get shut out, depending upon the prevailing jury house sentiment (they may have all convinced each other that they hate Dick and are giving votes to Zach out of spite) or they may reward Dick for his strategery.  I could see Eric/America, Jessica, and Jameka giving Dick their votes.  When you add in Dani's, that's enough to win.  Jen and Dustin won't vote for Dick under any circumstances, and who knows where Amber will go.  If I had to predict right now, I'd give it to Zach, because Jameka, Jessica and Eric are all maybes for Dick.  If one of them decides to go with Zach, he wins. 

Daniele vs. Zach

This vote would end up being very close to Dick vs. Zach.  As stated above, Jameka, Jessica and Eric are all iffy on the Donatos.  If all three of them end up voting for Daniele, she'll win it all.  Amber's not a big Zach fan so she could probably be swayed to give Daniele her vote.  Daniele can definitely give a great speech, detailing her challenge dominance and quality game play from day one.  I'd probably vote for Dani if she were up against Zach, but I think that puts me in the minority.

What do you think?  If you have any predictions, please comment below and let them be heard. 

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