American Idol Season 5, Episode 32 "Top 6 Perform"
Originally Aired Tuesday, April 25, 2006 Episode Rating: **** (4 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The final six hopefuls tackled the classics again this week. This time taking on classic love songs with the help of classical music legend, Andrea Bocelli and Grammy Award winning producer David Foster.
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Episode Highlights:
  • A tear-jerking delivery of Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You" by Elliot
  • Paula turning on the waterworks...followed by Simon laughing at her waterworks
  • Katharine singing a duet with the legend Chris singing on the floor, followed by an effortless show-stopper to close the show
Recap: Last week the ladies of America lost their Ace Young and while there may not be much eye candy left for the ladies there's plenty for the guys to enjoy. Katharine McPhee: American Idol contestant - Katherine McPheeGirly Eye Candy Number One up tonight was Katharine. Katharine decided to take on "I Have Nothing," written by David Foster and originally sung by R&B/Pop diva Whitney Houston, before the crack. Foster predicted that Katharine, "Well have a great great future" as Kat took the opportunity to sing a duet in Italian with Bocelli. Don't know what they were saying, but it sure sounded nice. If only Katharine had brought that same aura to her performance. I'll take a page from Paula's book in saying that she looked like a million bucks, very diva-ish wearing a pastel yellow formal gown complemented with wavy hair. Sadly by now we all know that if the first comment out of my mouth is about her outfit, then the performance wasn't as pretty. That's the thing about singing a song by a diva, you gotta sound like one. Unfortunately for Kat, Simon wasn't the only judge in the mood for telling the truth tonight. My guess, another trip to the dreaded bottom three. The Judges: Randy: "It was way to big for you." Paula: "As usual you look stunning. There were some pitch problem..." Simon: "What you're saying when you pick a song like that is that is that you're as good as Whitney. What you told us is that you're not.�? Elliot Yamin: American Idol contestant - Elliott YaminElliot spent his pre-show interview with Ryan gushing over late R&B legend Donny Hathaway. Ordinarily singing the praises of the dead artist whose song you're about to perform is normally used as a ploy to garner sympathy votes, but that wasn't the case here. Elliot performed Hathaway's hit, "A Song For You," even though Hathaway's daughter Kenya is an Idol back-up singer and would undoubtedly make a tough critic...that takes balls. Elliot showed us just how big his cajones are when he delivered the most passionate performance of his Idol career. For the second week in a row Elliot looked comfortable in his skin while on stage. Could this be a new Elliot? Maybe we've seen the last of that shy guy who moved like an awkward seventh grader, but no classic performance would be complete without a couple of crocodile tears. Randy: "I hated the arrangement...but you were dope." Sorry I just had to jump in here, who still uses the term dope? I haven't that one since like '92, but this is Randy that we're talking about. Now back to our regularly scheduled ranting. Paula: "You moved me. You are an American Idol." Me again. I'm not sure where the tears came from. Is she drunk or just on her period? The hormones from Aunt Flo can be a bitch. Five bucks says it's menopause. Simon: "There were parts where that was like a masterclass." Kellie Pickler: American Idol contestant - Kellie PicklerPickler sent herself some stalkers tonight. Kellie revealed that she's "lonely" and doesn't have a boyfriend. She may have some time on her hands for dating after tonight's train wreck. Andrea Bocelli guessed that Kellie is blonde.(Bocelli is blind for those of us who didn't pay attention in Music class.) I wonder what tipped him off? Was it the"What's a minx" comment or the infamous "I had a calamari!" Kellie's country swing on the immortal "Unchained Melody" left me wishing that she were a minx...maybe then I wouldn't be able to hear her. Kellie's performance can be summed up in one breath, boring and since there was no barely there dress like last week's to entice the male sect into voting for her Kellie may be in some real trouble. Could it be back to the farm for the Hillbilly in Hollywood? Randy: "It was very strange." Paula: "I don't see raising the bar every this point it's about greatness and I didn't see that." Simon: "Well that deserved tears but for a different reason." He probably had a couple of one-liners, but he was curtly cut off by Ryan and the American Idol theme. Paris Bennett: American Idol contestant - Paris BennettBocelli called Paris' voice "extraordinary." An extraordinary voice is what you need to tackle the tastes of the great Barbara Streisand. Paris sang "The Way We Were." Even though she looked like a PTA mom dressed in a lacey dress jacket and dark pants, her sound stood hand and shoulders above the rest of tonight's Girly Eye Candy. Randy: "I liked it." Paula: "Best female vocal...oversang it a bit." Simon: "A good vocal...a little old-fashioned for my tastes." Taylor Hicks: American Idol contestant - Taylor HicksWe got to see the softer side of Taylor since he chose the James Ingram ballad "Just Once." Andrea Boccelli felt Taylor picked "the most perfect song for his voice." I don't know if it was the light that they zeroed in on Taylor's head (it made him look like one of those Glowarms that everyone was so wild about in the '80's) or if it was that 70's style tux, but the judges weren't in agreement with Bocelli: Randy: "I didn't get it." Paula: "It wasn't my favorite...but you look so darn handsome." Didn't she learn her lesson from that Corey Clark fiasco last year? Paula, isn't there some hired help around your mansion that you could flirt with? Simon: "You hear that everyday of the week in hotel lounges." Chris Daughtry: American Idol contestant - Chris DaughtryDavid Foster's a real spitfire, so he had no problem telling Chris that he needs to sing from his diaphragm instead of his throat. Singing on the floor sometimes helps Bocelli with that, and so they had Chris do the same thing with "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman." Talk about the perfect song for a voice. Chris delivered a passionate performance, proving once and for all that it won't kill him to sing something other than Creed. Randy: "Amazing." Paula: "Love You." Simon: "Great song for your voice. I'm done off you go, Ryan." -BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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