'Big Brother 19' Recap: Paul's Final 5 Plan and the Revengers
'Big Brother 19' Recap: Paul's Final 5 Plan and the Revengers
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Who's ready for another episode of Big Brother 19 where Paul concocts an elaborate plan that involves handpicking the next HoH while lying to the real target to avoid getting any blood on his hands? Well, too bad, because that's what CBS has in store with only four episodes left after tonight.

We also get to see more of the Revengers, the BB Comics all-star movie with Frankie, Nicole, Victor, Da'Vonne, James, Austin, Beastmode Cowboy, Mr. Pec-Tacular and, for some reason, Dan Gheesling. Dude, you're better than this, Dan.

Double Eviction Drama

We get to see what happened during the double eviction, with Alex still believing that Paul is with her. Paul got into a fake fight with Josh about how he thought he was going to be backdoored. His plan was to make sure he's close with Alex so he doesn't look like the bad guy. Then Paul told a distraught Alex that she needed to target Kevin and Raven because they're stronger competitors than Josh and Christmas.

Josh's emotions were totally insane and he was crying throughout the whole double eviction. After winning the PoV, Josh asked Alex what she wanted him to do. She wanted Kevin to be evicted, so he voted that way to try and earn back some trust with her.

Josh then told Paul, Christmas and Alex that he wanted Kevin out, but Paul and Christmas ignored him because Raven is a better competitor (even though neither she nor Kevin have won anything). Josh intentionally made it a split vote, and it worked because Alex kind of trusts him again.

After the double eviction, everyone is in tears. Paul walks in while Josh and Alex are talking, crying too, but as soon as Alex leaves he starts smiling. Josh's reaction is priceless, eyes wide like he just saw the devil. Josh's emotions are real, but Paul is a total sociopath with his fake tears.

Paul's HoH Plan

Just like last week, Paul tells Kevin to throw the HoH so Christmas will win, even though she'd probably nominate him. But in reality, Paul's plan is for Josh to win the HoH, so he tells Christmas and Josh. Josh doesn't want to win it because he can't take the shot at Alex. Paul is furious that his puppet isn't playing his role and getting all of the blood on his hands.

Josh eventually agrees to take it. Josh talks to Christmas and she once again explains that she hates whenever he questions Paul. Josh is starting to doubt Christmas because she is way too loyal to Paul. Christmas talks to Paul and she is unhappy that Josh is possibly making his own moves and not working for their team.

The Revengers HoH Competition

The HGs watch the full trailer for The Revengers, a BB Comics movie. The premise is that Dan Gheesling is the Funeral Director, a super villain who turns heroes into zombies. He turns Austin, Jessie and James while Frankie, Nicole, Da'Vonne, Caleb and Victor must save them. It ends with a giant Big Meech crying tears that drown the bad guys. It also has some of the worst acting I've ever seen, primarily from Nicole and Frankie.

The HoH competition is a simple quiz about the trailer, with seven questions. Kevin gets the first two right and Paul is angry that his puppet isn't throwing it. Then Kevin gets two questions wrong and Paul congratulates him on being a good boy.

After five questions it's all tied and Kevin is trying to win. Paul is apoplectic, even though Kevin is loyal to Paul, won't nominate him and will target Alex. But then Kevin decides to throw it again. This is so confusing, because in the diary room Kevin is saying that he wants to win and he wants to throw it.

Josh wins the HoH!

Josh is happy, Paul brags about fixing yet another competition while Alex is a little worried. Kevin is upset because Paul told him the plan was for Christmas to win.

The Nominations

Josh realizes that Paul is a mastermind and a monster, so he considers taking a shot at him. Paul keeps reassuring Josh that he knows what he's doing, so Josh just needs to trust him. Josh really doesn't like being told what to do. Josh talks to the cameras and isn't sure if he takes a shot at Paul now or at Final 3. But he's also trying to protect Christmas. Josh knows that Paul will beat him in the end.

Josh nominates Alex and Kevin, calling Kevin a floater and Alex a beast. It's the safe, obvious move and exactly what Paul wanted. But Josh still has dreams that, depending on the Power of Veto maybe he can take a shot at Paul.

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Big Brother 19 airs Wednesday at 8/7c, Thursday at 9/8c and another special Friday episode this week at 8/7c on CBS.

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