'Big Brother 16' to Air in High-Def
'Big Brother 16' to Air in High-Def
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There will be at least one big change to Big Brother this summer on CBS. The 16th season of the reality show will finally air in HD for the first time, making it the last regular network primetime show to do so.

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The long-in-the-works change, first reported by Vulture, comes after years of planning and preparation by the show's technical team. Since Big Brother has dozens of camera recording the action inside the house 24/7, it results in thousands of hours of footage every week. Converting all of that to HD isn't easy, and the producers have had to test it to make sure there are no glitches.

The testing has been done during the off-season for the past few years, but now the changes have finally been worked out and Big Brother 16 will air in HD.

The change could also mean a different look to the show. Several new cameras were added, some were lowered to give viewers a feeling of being in the action and the altered aspect ratio for HD means more coverage. Technically, it's a whole new show for the many hardworking editors to play with.

There's still no word on what other twists will be in store for Big Brother 16, though early rumors suggest a possible Relatives season. Typically, twists and the new HGs are announced one week before the show begins.

Big Brother 16 premieres Wednesday, June 26 at 8pm on CBS.

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