'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 4 Power of Veto?
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 4 Power of Veto?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Like with the HoH, the Power of Veto on Big Brother 16 has been dominated by men. Donny has won it twice and Devin won it once, with Zach, Derrick and Caleb being close seconds. Who won the PoV in week 4?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Cody and Frankie won the HoH competition. Cody nominated Victoria and Brittany, Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta. Amber and Jocasta won the Battle of the Block, dethroning Frankie. Nicole and Zach were picked to play for PoV and Brittany got HG's Choice, picking Caleb.

Victoria won the Power of Veto!

Huh, that was definitely unexpected. Obviously she will save herself and Cody has to put up someone else against Brittany. This could complicate things as the two likeliest candidates are Donny and Caleb. But the core group still wants Brittany gone, so they have to figure out how to nominate a pawn who won't be mad about it and won't go home.

This is a tricky situation. The guys have talked about putting Caleb up because he was acting cocky and it would help throw off suspicion about the alliance, but they aren't sure if he'd take it well. If they put up Donny, it basically announces to everyone where the alliance is. Either way, they are all in agreement that Brittany has to go home.

Derrick pushed hard to nominate Donny in order to prevent a possible eviction of Caleb or even Zach if they were the replacement nominees. There's a lot of anger directed towards Zach right now because he took reward instead of the PoV and taunted Victoria and Brittany during the competition.

It seems the decision is to put up Donny and Cody will rationalize it by saying he's the only potential replacement who will ensure that his target, Brittany, goes.

Apparently it was a reward/punishment competition revolving around soccer (inspired by Germany winning the World Cup). Here's a rundown of what was won"

Victoria: Power of Veto
Zach: A trip to Germany
Caleb: $5,000
: A German-tard
Cody: Every time he hears a whistle, he has to run to the backyard and let a foot machine kick him in the butt 10 times
Brittany: She has to kick a soccer ball into a goal in the backyard 2,400 times in 24 hours, and if she fails, she can't play in the PoV next week (not that it matters)

Here's a look at Cody's butt-kicking machine, Brittany's soccer goal (and the area she has to kick from, with the counter) and Nicole's German-tard.

bb16buttkicker.pngbb16soccergoals.pngbb16germantard.jpgSo Nicole gets the unitard and is stuck in a silly costume for a second week in a row. She's only the third HG ever to get two costumes in a season, the others being season 8's Jen (who had a bunny suit and a red unitard) and season 14's Frank (who had a carrot suit and the spirit-tard).

The Fall of Amber

The biggest game change this week comes from Amber. After being nominated as a "pawn" for the second week in a row, and after four women were nominated this week, she started to question her allegiance to the original Bomb Squad. She spoke to Jocasta and Brittany about needing to keep the women safe by going after men (thus making her Joey 2.0).

Unfortunately for her, Christine was also a part of that conversation and, like Andy Herren last year, immediately ran up to tell the Detonators, aka her alliance with Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Zach, all about Amber's newfound desire to target the men. Later on Friday, Amber approached Christine and Nicole about her plan to keep the women safe, suggesting a Final 3 deal. Naturally, Christine immediately ran upstairs again to tell the boys.

Like many fans, Christine was my pre-season favorite. But now, she's quite possibly the worst. Not only is she playing an Andy-style game of ratting out every conversation she has with people who are foolish enough to trust her, but she's also willingly becoming Britney from season 12, sticking with a strong group of guys and hoping that...I don't know. Maybe she thinks she can win a bunch of competitions at the end, or she's banking on her side alliance with Hayden and Nicole to help her take out the men in the Detonators.

So now Amber is the main target for next week. Even Caleb has turned on her thanks to Frankie and others feeding him disinformation about how Amber was working with Jocasta and Brittany to flip the house to save Devin last week. Caleb finally seems clued in to the fact that Amber doesn't like him and his stalker obsession is turning ugly, not unlike Mark Wahlberg's character in the movie Fear. However, Caleb's erratic behavior switched yet again on Saturday, as he and Amber seemed to somehow be on the same page.

The battle lines are clearly drawn, with the Detonators (as well as Hayden and Nicole) working against the rest of the house. They also have Caleb and Victoria under their thumbs, but view them as easily disposable. That only leaves Brittany, Amber, Jocasta and Donny as the Outsiders.

The result is yet another season of a herd mentality, with a small group of people cackling in the HoH room about how superior they are to everyone else and rationalizing their actions. It's almost comical to listen to Cody, Derrick, Zach, Frankie and Christine talking about how Amber and Brittany made themselves the targets, as if this wasn't already the plan. They act like Amber and Brittany should've just shut their mouths and been content to float along to eighth or ninth place without worrying about being at the bottom of the totem pole.


-After four weeks, Frankie, Hayden and Jocasta are the only HGs who have not played in any Power of Veto competitions.

-Caleb and Zach have played in the most PoVs, three each. Defying the odds, Zach has been one of the HGs randomly selected to play in three out of four weeks.

-Zach is the biggest loser of the season so far, playing in seven competitions and losing all of them.

-Including HoH, PoV and BotB, the competition beasts are Donny and Amber with three wins, each followed by Frankie, Nicole and Victoria with two wins each. Yup, Victoria has won more competitions than the "beast-mode cowboy" Caleb.

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