'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 10 Nominees?
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 10 Nominees?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother 16 has been painfully predictable all season long. The Bomb Squad has been in control and, despite occasionally claiming that they will turn on each other, it hasn't happened yet. Is the time finally now?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Caleb won the HoH competition.

He nominated Christine and Nicole.

Yes, it's yet another super boring and predictable week. Caleb is so simple-minded that the only thing he cares about is making it to the end with the Bomb Squad in order to claim that they are the greatest alliance ever. He wants to be in the Final 4 with Frankie, Derrick and Cody.

Nicole tried campaigning to him, but as Caleb later told Frankie, it fell on deaf ears. There's nothing that Nicole can say or do to change Caleb's mind. And Frankie has been stroking Caleb's ego ever since winning the HoH competition, talking about how he wants to get a "Beastmode Cowboy" tattoo on his chest and how his sister Ariana Grande will perform a duet with Caleb after the show is over. Caleb, the moron that he is, eats it up with a spoon.

At this point I don't think it matters which of them gets evicted. If either wins the Power of Veto, Victoria will be the replacement nominee, but she'll be a pawn and whoever is left on the block will be evicted. Caleb says that if Nicole wins the PoV, Victoria should be backdoored and evicted, but that probably won't happen. Backdooring Victoria is always what people SAY they're going to do, but then it doesn't happen because Derrick won't allow it. In fact, he's already trying to plant the seeds that Christine should be the real target this week, not Nicole.

This season we've seen a lot of talk about big moves. They considered voting Zach out in week 2, Cody wanted to nominate Caleb in week 4, the Hitmen joined the Rationale for a few days when everyone wanted to evict Zach again in week 6, the guys all wanted to evict Frankie in week 7 and Cody talked about backdooring Frankie in week 9. But nothing ever happened.

On top of that, Nicole has had a brutal couple of weeks. On the night of the double eviction, she was blindsided when everyone betrayed her and voted out Jocasta. Then she got put on the block with Hayden and her boyfriend was evicted. Then she won HoH and got dethroned and backdoored because the boys came to her with a plan, then put all of the blame for it on her. After a week of peaceful relaxation in the jury house, she came back into the game, only to instantly be put on the block and made a Have-Not. Now she's on the block again and a Have-Not again.

Meanwhile, it turns out Christine should've listened to Donny when he told her that she was at the bottom of the pecking order for the Bomb Squad. And Frankie complained quite a bit on Thursday night about losing the Team America mission. He can't seem to understand how America could love Donny more than they love him. He also claimed that the reason they lost was because Frankie did drag (playing Joey) and that America isn't ready for that kind of stuff on primetime TV. Finally, he decided that, if America thinks they're the villains for voting out Donny, he's going to embrace it.

The Have-Nots

Caleb got to pick the final two Have-Nots of the season. He chose Derrick, who volunteered because he took the $5,000 in the HoH competition, and then he picked Nicole. Originally Caleb asked if everyone had already done it twice. Frankie didn't speak up even though he's only done it once, but Christine pointed to him. But Caleb decided to make Nicole a Have-Not anyway.

Afterwards, Nicole cried about how the Bomb Squad is ganging up on her and just making her feel like crap. It's not fun or the game, it's just mean. Also, Frankie is furious with Christine for daring to point out that he's only been a Have-Not once because he has a medical condition with his circulatory system and can't be in the cold room. He's fully embracing his role as the villainous a-hole of the season, acting like an entitled, spoiled celebrity brat who thinks he's better than everyone else.

This means Derrick, Nicole and Hayden are the only HGs to be Have-Nots three times this season, while Nicole and Brittany are the only HGs to be Have-Nots for two consecutive weeks.


-This is Nicole's sixth nomination. Only nine HGs have ever been nominated that many times, including Donny this year.

-This is Nicole's fourth consecutive nomination (counting the two before she was evicted and the two after she returned). Only seven HGs have ever been nominated four or more consecutive times, and three of them were this season (Nicole, Donny and Jocasta). That does not include HGs from the first season, when Curtis and Eddie were both technically nominated for the last five weeks in a row.

-Caleb, Christine, Nicole and Victoria have all been nominated at least three times. Meanwhile, Frankie and Cody have only been nominated once while Derrick has still never been nominated.

-There have now been 46 nominations made this season, with 26 being women and 20 being men. But only six of those male nominations are from current HGs, while 13 of the female nominations are from current HGs.

-This season, Paola and Jocasta are the only HGs who were never Have-Nots. Joey, Amber, Devin and Frankie were only Have-Nots once. Hayden, Nicole and Derrick were Have-Nots three times. The other seven HGs were all Have-Nots twice.

-This season had the most weeks for Have-Nots, nine. However, there were still fewer total Have-Nots than season 15.

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