'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 6 Nominees?
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 6 Nominees?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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For a sixth week in a row on Big Brother 16, there are two HoHs and four nominees. With only 11 people, this means more than half of the house is involved in the nomination ceremony. Will the nominees be the same as always, or will we finally get some fresh blood on the block?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Donny and Nicole won the HoH competition.

HoH Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria.

HoH Nicole nominated Jocasta and Zach.

Well, this might be one of the most even match ever. While it's depressing to see Jocasta and Victoria on the block for the fourth time each, they are paired with strong guys. The excuses for the HoHs were easy because Caleb nominated Donny and Zach nominated Nicole.

Nicole and Donny worked closely on these nominations and spoke with Hayden to coordinate strategies. There are several exciting possibilities for this week, with Caleb, Zach and even Frankie as their top targets. But will they have the votes if Victoria or Jocasta stay on the block?

The Battle of the Block truly matters this week. If Donny stays HoH, the target is Caleb and they just hope he doesn't win the Power of Veto. Donny would probably put up Christine as a replacement if either came off.

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The more interesting outcome would be if Nicole stays HoH. Hayden is pushing her very hard to backdoor Frankie this week and she seems willing to do it and make a big move (she claimed that Frankie is playing Andy Herren's style of social game, only 10 times better). Even though Donny is on Team America and has said he wouldn't nominate them, he told Hayden and Nicole that he would vote to evict Frankie. It helped ease Donny's mind when Hayden told him that Frankie and Christine were both telling him to backdoor Donny this week (which is true as Frankie was very upset about Donny declining the latest mission), so Donny knows his fellow TA member is coming after him.

Nicole is a little scared if backdooring Frankie backfires, but Hayden has assured her that they'd have the votes. Nicole and Hayden solidified a Final 4 deal with Derrick and Cody, so that could mean Derrick is willing to turn on Frankie. Basically, Team America seems to have died after declining their latest mission.

Hayden knows this is the best opportunity to take a shot at Frankie, but they'd need to hit him. He hopes he has the support of Victoria, Cody, Donny, Derrick and maybe Jocasta if she comes off the block. For now, the tide has definitely turned against Frankie and that's illustrated by the fact that, for the first week, the HoHs DON'T want him sleeping upstairs every single night.


-Jocasta and Victoria have both reached four nominations so far this season. They've each only won a single Battle of the Block.

-This is the fourth week in a row that Jocasta has been nominated. Amy from season 3, Sharon from season 9, Natalie from season 11 and Spencer from season 15 are the only other HGs to ever do this, with Sharon and Spencer both going five weeks in a row.

-This will be Zach's first time playing in the Battle of the Block.

-Frankie, Cody and Derrick remain the only HGs who have never been nominated. Hayden and Christine are the only HGs who have only been nominated once. The other six HGs all have multiple nominations.

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