'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 5?
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 5?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Much like last year, the Power of Veto is very popular on Big Brother 16. In season 15 it was used in the first seven weeks, though the replacement nominee only went home three of those times. The PoV has been used four weeks in a row this year, so did this make it a five-peat?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Hayden won the Power of Veto.

Hayden saved Victoria. Amber is the replacement nominee.

That's right, all five women have been nominated this week. Everything came together just as Frankie and Zach planned.

The goal is to evict Amber and the ceremony included another attempt to complete the Team America mission by having Zach deliver a big speech about how Amber needs to show Caleb the respect he deserves for everything he's done for her in the game. Obviously that's a bunch of nonsense, but Frankie and Derrick pushed him to do it and even Hayden, Cody and Caleb were on board. Basically, everyone in the house except Jocasta, Victoria and Amber knew it was going to happen. The sad part for Zach is that the encouragement to do this, based solely on the Team America mission, is putting a target on his back. Cody, in particular, is really starting to turn on Zach, though Derrick and Frankie try to calm him down (but not too much).

In order to make this nomination work, Frankie wanted to make sure Caleb was on board. Zach and Derrick both started planting the seeds in Caleb's mind that Amber isn't that close to him and is turning on the alliance. That led to Caleb talking to Frankie to reveal "his" plan.

Caleb wanted Frankie to convince Hayden to save Jocasta (obviously that part didn't happen) and nominate Amber, scaring her straight. Yes, in Caleb's mind, he has complete control over Amber's game and wants her to know that by getting her nominated so she'll finally start talking to him again. His goal is for her to come running back to him and then, in the end, they'll vote to keep her as long as she doesn't blow up the Bomb Squad (not that it matters, since everyone in the house already knows about it).

Of course the real plan for everyone else is to evict Amber anyway. There's already a strategy where Christine will tell Caleb that Amber told Nicole about the Bomb Squad, ignoring the fact that both she and Devin already told Nicole.

The entire week is one big ruse. Caleb thinks he's controlling this decision when, in reality, it's what everyone else wanted first. Frankie's plan is to give Caleb the credit, but I'm not entirely sure why since I doubt anyone will believe it. And the fact that Amber is being embarrassed and evicted because she's not into Caleb is absurd. Everyone in the house knows she's the sane one and Caleb is crazy, but this whole thing is based on the claim that Caleb is a stand-up guy who deserves Amber's love.

It's a topsy-turvy, upside-down world in the Big Brother 16 house. At this point, it's probably a good thing that Amber is going to be evicted because it means she won't have to be stuck in the jury house with Caleb all summer long.

In other news, Frankie has seemingly been planting seeds to people like Nicole and Cody that backdooring Zach during a double eviction wouldn't be the worst idea while Hayden admitted to Nicole that he knew about Zach's "fruit loop dingus" speech before it happened. He also told her that Derrick and Cody were in on it. She was upset that none of them warned her she was being nominated, but has calmed down.

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