'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 2?
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 2?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Just when you think Big Brother 16 can't get any crazier, it does. Things have changed on an almost hourly basis in the house this weekend. If you watch the live feeds, you can't go to sleep, because when you wake up, everything will be different. Now the Power of Veto ceremony is over and the final nominees for the week are locked in, meaning we have four days of campaigning.
SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Devin won the Power of Veto.

Devin used the Power of Veto to save Brittany. Zach is the replacement nominee.

What? Yes, Devin nominated his fellow Bomb Squad member and saved the person he was originally targeting. It's complete madness.

It sounds like there were fireworks at the PoV ceremony. People got thrown under the bus, Zach said something about Frankie, the fact that Paola threw the Battle of the Block competition and Hayden and Nicole knew is public knowledge (but Pow-Pow is angry because she says she didn't) and people yelled. Zach is acting like his whole plan was for Devin to put him up. It's very confusing, but apparently he put Frankie and Caleb on blast, which he thought was genius but actually turned them against him.

Zach seems confident that he's saying and Pow-Pow seems sure she's going, but Caleb and Frankie are already plotting to evict Zach. Others, like Derrick, Cody and even Hayden, seem more willing to give Zach a pass.

UPDATE #1: On Monday at 1:45pm PT in the backyard, Zach told Hayden about the Bomb Squad (with Derrick sitting right there as well). Everything about the Bomb Squad, from its origins to the name to Devin bringing Amber and Christine in on his own. KABOOM! Beforehand, Devin warned everyone in the B.S. to "deny, deny, deny" if Zach did this, but that's done since Derrick was there.

Zach basically tried to cut Devin, Caleb and Amber out while bringing in Hayden and Nicole. Zach then told Frankie what he did, and Frankie was understandably upset that his "float to the power, play both sides" strategy is blowm to kingdom come. Frankie then told Christine and Amber, who were stunned and confused. They are all freaking out and convinced they need to get rid of Zach.

However, it seems Hayden has already drunk the Kool-Aid and seems to be with Zach, lumping Caleb and Amber in with Devin. He's not happy that the three of them tried to control him and Nicole when they were nominated. In the immediate aftermath, it looks like there has been a line drawn in the sand, with Devin, Caleb and Amber on one side and Zach on the other. And when Frankie talked to Hayden, Hayden said he wants to keep Zach, which has forced Frankie into the middle, the exact position he didn't want to be in because now he has no choice but to pick a side. But Frankie still seems set on trying to stick with Devin's side and evict Zach.

UPDATE #2: At 3:15pm PT, Christine told Nicole about the Bomb Squad. Christine shared all of the complicated internal politics, like Cody, Zach and Derrick's Final 3 deal, Caleb and Devin's Final 2 deal, how Devin hates Amber and how Christine seems to hate Amber, Caleb and Devin. Christine was quite entertaining mocking how ridiculously dumb the Bomb Squad was. Simultaneously, Caleb talked to Hayden, trying to lay the groundwork to pull him into the Bomb Squad to replace Zach.

UPDATE #3: Devin brought Hayden up to the HoH room with Caleb and Frankie. Devin laid it all on the table, offering Hayden a spot in the Bomb Squad. Devin made a hard sell and Hayden tried to be noncommittal, but said "Yes." However, as soon as it was over, Hayden and Frankie met up alone and Hayden said he definitely wants to keep Zach. Derrick joined them, and now it seems Hayden is 100 percent on Team Zach, with Frankie very uneasy about being in the middle.

How This Happened

Originally, Devin made a deal with Pow-Pow that, if she threw the Battle of the Block competition and he won the PoV, he would save her and put up Victoria. Obviously that deal was broken.

Then Caleb and Devin had a fight which was largely due to people being upset with Devin targeting Brittany without asking everyone else, and everyone in the Bomb Squad scrambled. Things cooled down and Devin called a meeting of the entire Bomb Squad Saturday evening. Zach dared to speak in the meeting about why people aren't so happy with Devin's dictatorial ways, advocating for keeping Brittany. This caused Devin to lose trust in Zach.

After the PoV competition, Devin had a long meeting with Brittany to hash out their differences and mend fences. Devin made a deal to save her with the PoV if they can promise to work together moving forward. It's basically the same "Nominate you, target you, atone and work together" thing that happened last week between Devin and Donny. And now, after one conversation, Devin has gone from wanting Brittany out more than anything to being in love with her (seriously, he talks about having a crush on her now). Suddenly Devin is going on and on about how, since he's a dad, he can't possibly send home a single mom of three kids. But it's not like he JUST learned that she's a mom.

The situation got worse over Saturday night as Zach, now a Have-Not, didn't sleep or eat and grew increasingly unstable. He wanted to confront Devin at the PoV ceremony and talked a lot about self-destructing. Elsewhere, Devin concocted a plan to blow up the Bomb Squad by nominating Zach. For Devin, he now sees the Bomb Squad as just five members: himself, Caleb, Amber, Frankie and Christine, meaning Zach, Cody and Derrick are ousted.

Later on Sunday, Devin tried to talk to Zach with Caleb as a moderator, but Zach kept digging his own grave and seemed to refuse to say what Devin wanted to hear. Sleep-deprived and not eating anything because he's a Have-Not, Zach talked a lot about wanting to go home.

Zach has since calmed down a bit, but he refuses to suck up to Devin and tell him what he wants to hear, though others, like Frankie and Caleb, are trying to help him. How Zach handles the stress of the next few days could decide whether the Bomb Squad tries to stand by him or abandons him.

With three days to go, I have no idea how this will play out. Can Zach campaign to save himself against Pow-Pow? Will he expose the Bomb Squad? Is he destined to follow the same path as Nick Uhas last year, going from a strong alliance to gone in week 2?

Given how much things have changed already, anything is possible. Now that Devin has no more power and can't compete for the next HoH, perhaps people will turn on him and rally behind Zach.

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