'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: First Night of Live Feeds and Nominees Revealed
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: First Night of Live Feeds and Nominees Revealed
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The two-night Move-In event of Big Brother 16 is over. The 16 new HGs are all in the house, Frankie and Caleb are the first two HoHs, Joey is the first member of Team America and we now know how the twists, and the Battle of the Block, will work. Now it's time for live feeds.

Yes, the 24/7 live feeds began Thursday at 10pm PT, 1am ET. For the first night, I'm going to live-blog a few of the key moments from what we see. Hopefully we'll learn who the two HoHs nominated and whether or not the first Battle of the Block competition has already taken place (the HGs actually moved in one week ago).

So keep refreshing as I'll update this article with any important information from the first night of live feeds, whether it's alliances, strategizing, nominations or anything else fun and exciting.

As always, all times are Big Brother 16 local time, aka Pacific Standard Time.

10pm: The live feeds are up. Everyone is in the living room just trying to be still before going nuts. They clearly know the live feeds just came on and were waiting for it.

10:03pm: Now they're running all over the house, cheering and screaming because the live feeds are on.

10:05pm: If you were hoping for nudity on the live feeds, Joey streaked topless already and Hayden is walking around butt-naked, covering his junk with a hat.

10:06pm: In the HoH room, Frankie wishes a happy 21st birthday to his sister (Ariana turned 21 today).

10:10pm: Based on the keys in the Memory Wall, it seems Paola and Donny are nominated.

10:12pm: Cody is a Have-Not.

10:20pm: Most of the HGs are in the kitchen making some slop food.

10:30pm: Joey is also a Have-Not.
10:34pm: It certainly seems like Christine, Nicole and Jocasta are the quiet homebodies, all just hanging around the kitchen islands.

10:35pm: Paola and Donny's keys are the only ones not in the Memory Wall. It seems like Caleb is the real HoH and those are his nominees, meaning Frankie's nominees, whoever they were, may not already won the first Battle of the Block.

10:38pm: Zach is playing in the Power of Veto competition tomorrow. So that  confirms that the Battle of the Block is done. Caleb is the HoH, Donny and Paola are the nominees and Zach is one of the three other people chosen to play for PoV.

10:40pm: Hayden is also a Have-Not. Amber made them slop-fried pickles. Amber and Brittany are definitely teaming up as the house chefs.

10:47pm: Victoria is also playing in the PoV competition.

10:55pm: It looks like Brittany is the other Have-Not. Cody seems to be the most severely affected by being a Have-Not, very worn down and lethargic.

11pm: MAJOR GAME TALK! Frankie and Zach have a Final 2 deal. I guess that hostility from the first night has gone away. But to protect themselves, they have separate alliances. Zach is kind of with Derrick and Cody while Frankie has Christine (who is tight with Nicole). They both see Devin and Caleb as the two big targets, and Devin is apparently already losing it, with Cody poking him.

11:15pm: Zach and Frankie are just trying to stay off everyone's radars. These two are crazy in love, talking about how Cody and Devin are at war. They want Donny to go this week, but they'd be fine if it's Paola. They assume that she'll will self-implode soon enough, though.

11:30pm: The HGs are talking about how much Zach sleeps. Apparently he takes about five naps a day and still sleeps through the night.

: It seems the two HoHs weren't allowed to talk about their nominations to each other, so I'm not sure how the show can avoid them nominating the same people. Caleb said he chose the first guy and girl who fell from the first night, while Frankie chose the first two girls that fell on the second night. So presumably Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria, and somehow those two beat Pow-Pow and Donny in the Battle of the Block.

11:45pm: On the showmance front, Caleb is super into Amber. And it seems Hayden and Nicole are together, which is just weird.

Midnight: After the first two hours of live feeds, we learned quite a bit, Frankie nominated Victoria and Brittany while Caleb nominated Paola and Donny. Victoria and Brittany won the first Battle of the Block, so they are safe and Frankie is no longer an HoH. Caleb is the HoH, Paola and Donny are the nominees, and Zach, Cody and Victoria will be the other three people playing in the PoV competition.

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