'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Week 2 Eviction
'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Week 2 Eviction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Are you ready for a crazy night of Big Brother 16? It's only the second live eviction of the season, but this week has been filled with drama. Wednesday's episode ended on a cliffhanger as the show promised that "all hell breaks loose" after the PoV ceremony. If you've been watching the live feeds (or read my recaps of Monday and Tuesday), you know how true that is.

Besides the drama, tonight also features an eviction vote between Paola and Zach as well as the addition of fitness trackers and the latest HoH competition.

BUT FIRST...this is Big Brother 16!

Julie Chen opines that "if you name your alliance the Bomb Squad, it's bound to blow up." ZING!

PoV Ceremony Fireworks

After Devin used the Power of Veto to save Brittany and nominate Zach, things hit the fan. Brittany tells everyone that Paola threw the Battle of the Block competition and calls her a liar. Pow-Pow responds by saying that Devin is not a good person and that, even though he asked her to throw it, she did not. Devin adds that she did throw it. Devin talks about his daughter and Pow-Pow calls him a liar and says his daughter is going to laugh at her. Then Devin brings up the fact that Hayden and Nicole knew about Pow-Pow throwing it.

As if this isn't enough, Zach stands up to say that Pow-Pow sucks at everything, he hates Devin and he says Frankie and Caleb might not vote for him to stay. Zach starts to mock Devin crying and Devin, to his credit, doesn't take the bait. No one really knows what to do.

The Bomb Squad Blows Up

After those fireworks, Cody is angry that Devin nominated someone in the Bomb Squad while Amber and Caleb think Zach is a danger because of his blow-up. Frankie is pissed at Zach because he made him look untrustworthy and like he's in the middle of everything, both of which are absolutely true. Frankie puts on a sad face and mopes about it, which makes Zach regret putting him on blast. Frankie is mostly just mad that his game of playing all sides was ruined.

Outside, Zach and Pow-Pow fight about how Zach is a dickhead and Pow-Pow is a liar. Everyone in the Bomb Squad is worried that Zach is too volatile. Devin decides that since Zach is out, he wants to bring Hayden into the Bomb Squad to replace him (which is an insanely dumb decision). In the meeting, Devin tells Hayden all about the Bomb Squad, but Hayden is reluctant to join. Devin pushes the issue and Hayden feels forced, like he can't say "No." He says "Yes," but he doesn't actually mean it at all. What they didn't show is that Zach actually told Hayden all about the Bomb Squad BEFORE that happened.

The Deal

Derrick tries to keep Zach calm, managing him and telling him exactly what to do. He urges Zach to ask Caleb for his vote. Meanwhile, Team America is torn because Frankie wants to side with Devin and Caleb out of fear, but Derrick and Donny convince him that's a bad move.

Instead, Derrick mediates a truce between Caleb and Zach by explaining that Pow-Pow will go with the power and that Zach's target is Devin, NOT Caleb. Basically, Derrick is turning out to be the best player of the season, effortlessly manipulating people.

Frankie foolishly wants to be the one to tell Devin that Zach is staying in order to diffuse the situation to his advantage. He does, and Devin calmly says that he's no longer in the Bomb Squad and he is coming after all of them by himself. In the diary room, Devin realizes that being HoH and PoV this early totally screwed up his game.

I encourage you to read my spoiler articles about what happened on Monday and Tuesday this week on the live feeds, because the show left a lot out.

The Vote

Julie asks Devin to rate his reign as HoH, and he says 4.5 out of 10. Um, no, it's actually a negative 7.

Pow-Pow says that Devin has five personalities and they all suck, then rambles on and on. Zach says Devin is his target and he'll do everything in his power to make sure Devin is evicted. So basically, everyone hates Devin.

Jocasta votes to evict...Zach
Brittany votes to evict...Paola
Derrick votes to evict...Paola
Donny votes to evict...Zach

Caleb votes to evict...Paola
Amber votes to evict...Paola
Hayden votes to evict...Paola
Cody votes to evict...Paola
Frankie votes to evict...Paola
Nicole votes to evict...Paola
Christine votes to evict...Paola
Victoria votes to evict...Paola

Paola Shea is evicted 10-2!

Pow-Pow blames Devin for his eviction and talks a lot of trash about him. Julie puts her on blast about how she really did throw it, and she has nothing to say about it. She's rooting for Donny and Jocasta, her best friends in the house. In the goodbye messages, Zach calls her a liar and Pow-Pow calls him a jerk. Devin apologizes and Donny loves her. How on Earth did Pow-Pow and Donny become BFFs? I wish we saw a segment on that. Even she is perplexed by their friendship.

The HoH Competition

The 13 eligible HGs face a polo game where they must hit a ball into a numbered slot through an octopus-filled course. You get a 0 if you don't get it into a slot, and the two highest scores are the HoHs.

Amber gets 17.
Cody gets 17.
Caleb gets 21.
Frankie gets 24.
Christine gets 4.
Nicole gets 29 (the highest possible score).
Victoria gets 12.
Brittany gets 16.
Zach gets 8.
Donny gets 20.
Hayden gets 17.
Jocasta gets...22.
Derrick gets...28,

Nicole and Derrick are the HoHs!

I knew Nicole would dominate this competition. Tiny blonde girls always win these things. These are two smart super fans in power, and they haven't really worked together that much, so it should be interesting.

Fitness Trackers and More

Julie Chen lets us know that the HGs all have fitness tracker bracelets and we can monitor their vitals at all times. And that information will affect things in the game.

Sunday will be the nominations, Battle of the Block and the first mission for Team America. And if this week is anything like last week, the nominations will come later tonight, so check back (if you're still awake at 2am on the West Coast, or wake up at 5am on the East Coast).

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