'Big Brother 16' Recap: Donny vs. Nicole (Again) in the Week 9 Eviction
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Donny vs. Nicole (Again) in the Week 9 Eviction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Two weeks ago on Big Brother 16, Donny and Nicole sat next to each other on Thursday night, with Nicole being evicted by a unanimous vote. Tonight they find themselves on the block again following Nicole's return to the game, but will the outcome be the same? And will we get our seventh unanimous vote of the season, tying the all-time record set in seasons 12 and 15?

Also, we'll find out the results of this week's Team America mission. They had to choose their own mission, with Frankie putting on a play instead of saving Donny. During the Q&A with Julie Chen, she will ask one TA member what food they'd like to eat as a Have-Not. They will say "a slice of apple pie" and Julie's response will be affirmative or negative, secretly revealing whether the mission was a success or a failure.

What makes tonight's episode the most exciting one of the season is that, if you've been following the live feeds today, you know that the HGs were still debating how to vote up until the last minute. It seems they may have reached an agreement, with Derrick once again preventing any hopes of an interesting week, but we'll see. This drama could very easily spill over into next week.

BUT FIRST...this is Big Brother 16!

Can Team America Be Saved?

After the Power of Veto ceremony, things get interesting. On last night's episode, Derrick claimed that he was on the fence about saving Donny while Frankie was all about evicting him. Donny knows that Team America isn't entirely on his side, but he has to use them to stay.

Nicole campaigns to Derrick and Christine for their votes. Derrick tells Nicole that he's keeping her, but he isn't sure. Christine is fine with keeping her, but Nicole is keeping her enemies close.

However, Frankie realizes that Nicole is getting closer to Christine, which makes him think that keeping her isn't so smart. Frankie tries to get Derrick to keep Donny, but Derrick claims that Donny would nominate one of them. Frankie only cares about keeping Donny because he thinks it's what America wants him to do.

Frankie tries to get Caleb on his side to evict Nicole again, and it works because Caleb is easily manipulated. Caleb then goes to Derrick and suggests that they should vote out Nicole instead of Donny. Derrick wants to make this decision as a group and he doesn't want to make it a split vote. The male Bomb Squad members meet up, with Frankie pushing to evict Nicole, Cody pushing to evict Donny and Caleb and Derrick sitting in the middle

Derrick doesn't want to tell anyone his opinion because he doesn't want to make any enemies. Basically, he only wants to keep Donny if it's a unanimous vote, even though they only need three.

Frankie also learns that they will find out the results of the Team America mission by way of a coded message with Julie Chen, with Julie saying "Yes" or "No" about getting apple pie as Have-Nots. Frankie is certain that it will be a success.

HoH Vote

Tonight's HoH is a battle of endurance and we get to vote on a punishment. The winner will get $5,000, but also either 5,000 Hollas (meaning they get shout-outs all summer long) or 5 Ts, meaning they can only wear five humiliating t-shirts for the rest of the summer.

Julie and the HGs

This will be the last week of Have-Nots. She asks Frankie the apple pie question and Julie responds with "an overwhelming no." HA! The mission failed! Then Julie shows the HGs video messages from their family members. Derrick's daughter says "I miss you" and "I love you." So sweet! Derrick starts crying.

Christine's Husband and Cody's Dad

We get to hear from Tim with his thoughts on the Cody/Christine flirtmance. It's so awkward for the family and Tim is not OK with hand-holding. This is so uncomfortable. Christine's mom doesn't hold back, saying she doesn't approve at all and thinks she raised her daughter better than that. She says half of her wants Christine evicted so she gets away from Cody. Damn, Christine's WHOLE FAMILY just threw her under the bus.

Tim even says that, after the game is over, he's going to have a talk with Christine about how uncomfortable it made him feel, but he will support her. And he wants to touch Cody's hair to see what all the fuss is about. Tim is awesome!

Cody's dad defends his son, saying that being touchy-feely is just the way he is. However, even some people in Cody's family think he needs to back off a bit when it comes to a married woman.

The Vote

Julie tells us that Frankie and Caleb tried to save Donny at the last minute.

Donny would love to continue playing and it's been an honor. Nicole is grateful to be back.

Christine votes to evict...Donny
Victoria votes to evict...Donny
Frankie votes to evict...Donny (and says he tried so hard to prevent this)
Caleb votes to evict...Donny
Derrick votes to evict...Donny (and says "All good things must come to an end")

Donny is evicted 5-0!

The show had better throw Derrick under the bus on Sunday, because he's the SOLE reason Donny is being evicted. This is also the seventh unanimous vote of the season, tying the record for the most ever with three more opportunities to beat it.

Donny is emotional in his interview with Julie because his feelings were hurt. He says that he feels let down by Team America because they broke it, but he doesn't blame them for it. He says he has an art of befriending people and everyone cheers. He isn't sure why he was such a target, except maybe for his likeability. He adds that he just doesn't have anything in common with those young kids, which made it hard to stay up all night. He's SOOOO sweet.

Goodbye Messages: Christine says he's intelligent and sneaky. Derrick claims he couldn't swing enough votes to save Donny and he tried his hardest. LIES! Frankie and Caleb wanted to keep Donny, so Derrick could've voted for him to stay and that would've been enough votes.

Julie Chen then says The Bold and the Beautiful wants him to guest star on an episode.

The HoH Competition

It's the endurance competition where the HGs go back and forth on a slippery surface to fill a bowl of water. I feel like Frankie has this in the bag, though Caleb might do well too. Luckily for them, Cody can't play.

There's also a smaller bowl with a prize. The first to fill it gets $5,000 and 5,000 Hollas, shout-outs for the rest of the summer.

Everyone laps Victoria on the first go. Caleb is dominating the competition and seems well on his way to winning quite easily. No one is going for the smaller bowl.

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Next week is another live double eviction. This is supposed to be the most twisted summer ever, but they're following the same path as last year. Double evictions in week 6 and week 10, and one of the first four jurors coming back in week 8. That's not unexpected at all.

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