'Big Brother 16' Recap: Donny vs. Brittany in the Week 4 Eviction
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Donny vs. Brittany in the Week 4 Eviction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Bomb Squad may be dead on Big Brother 16, but like a zombie, it's still terrorizing the game. There are only five HGs who were technically never in the Bomb Squad, and four of them were nominated this week, including the final nominees Brittany and Donny.

Tonight, one of those two will be the fourth HG evicted (don't worry, Donny fans) and a new HoH competition will begin. There may also be quite a bit about the recent death of Frankie's grandfather since he was informed of it and shared the news with the other HGs.

BUT FIRST...this is Big Brother 16!

Not So Fun Fact: There has never been a season where three of the first four weeks included unanimous house votes for eviction. That could change tonight.

Julie Chen calls out Cody's man crush on Zac Efron. He's going to be so embarrassed to find out what a big part of the show that's become.

After the PoV Ceremony

Rewatching Cody NOT nominate Caleb hurts me more every time. Brittany knows that sitting next to Donny is an impossible hill to climb. Cody cries and really beats himself over his decision to nominate Donny. Frankie assures him putting up Donny was the "smartest game move you could've made." Cody, however, feels like "such a f***ing bitch." As well he should.

Frankie then goes to Donny to promise him that he's safe. He adds an "I love you," which he says all the time. Derrick says that nominating Donny is a "necessary evil." Donny is suspicious that Derrick was one of the people pushing to put him up, but he hopes he's wrong. He's not, and Donny needs to listen to his gut that he can NOT trust his "Team America alliance."

Donny talks to Cody and hits the nail on the head, suspecting that Cody is part of a bigger alliance that pressured him to make this decision. It's a classic "You can't fight City Hall" situation.

Caleb is completely swayed by Brittany's campaigning and wants to try to save her. He talks to the Bomb Squad about how Donny is a bigger threat and will come after them. But he's totally unaware that the Bomb Squad is over.

Frankie's Grandpa

Frankie gets a letter in the diary room informing him that his grandpa died. He cries and tells everyone. There's a lot of crying and hugging. It's so uncomfortable to watch. As someone who has lost a loved one, I would never want cameras filming my immediate reaction after finding out.

The letter says that his grandpa didn't want him to leave the game and wanted him to keep fighting. Frankie talks about how Grandpa Frank was 90 and was the first person to accept him when Frankie came out of the closet.

Frankie talks about how wonderful it is that everyone is so supportive, even though the game can be cutthroat. I guess it's best that they didn't show how, a few hours later, he and the other Detonators were in the HoH room trashing Amber and Brittany.

I truly hope this doesn't become an ongoing storyline for this season, because it shouldn't have anything to do with the game. Frankie has frequently talked on the live feeds about how the outside world doesn't matter inside the game.

Julie and the HGs

Julie offers her condolences to Frankie, then moves on to the game. Well-handled, Chenbot. Then she calls out Caleb for taking $5,000 instead of the PoV. He boasts that he felt safe and wants to buy things outside of the house. On the live feeds, we know that one of those things is a pair of ostrich boots.

She adds that the Have-Nots this week have already been determined. They are the laziest HGs based on the activity trackers. The Have-Nots are: Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derrick. HA! If any of them become HoH, they won't be Have-Nots.


The family filler introduces us to Nicole's family for their thoughts on the showmance with Hayden. Nicole's mom looks EXACTLY like an older Nicole. Nicole's very young cousins think Hayden is weird because "he always tries to make sex with Nicole." OMG, that may be the best moment in the history of this show. We also see that, this week, Nicole finally caved and made out with Hayden under the covers.

The Vote

Brittany's speech is gracious and talks about how she never gives up. She then rambles on. Donny thanks God for letting him play this game that he loves. He loves everyone and ends with "God bless you all, and God bless America." How can anyone doubt his sincerity?

Jocasta votes to evict...Brittany
Nicole votes to evict...Brittany
Hayden votes to evict...Brittany
Amber votes to evict...Brittany
Derrick votes to evict...Brittany
Caleb votes to evict...Brittany
Christine votes to evict...Brittany
Victoria votes to evict...Brittany (she does it happily and calls her conniving)
Zach votes to evict...Brittany
Frankie votes to evict...Brittany (and he still tries to have a full conversation with Julie like always)

Brittany is evicted 10-0!

After four weeks, we have three unanimous votes and all four HGs have been evicted with at least 10 votes against them. I hate these "united house" seasons, they're always so boring and predictable, like when the Brigade dominated season 12.

In her talk with Julie, Brittany says a lot of people are scared and so they vote with the house. She foolishly thinks Caleb is one of the people controlling the house, but she's spot-on calling the girls weak players. Brittany says it looks like there's a plum under her toenail.

Goodbye Messages: Zach doesn't care about her, Jocasta had a tough choice and Donny is sweet as always.

However, to end it, Brittany's three kids walk out on stage. Aww!

The HoH Competition

It's the Knockout game. The HGs go head-to-head with a question about a comp. The loser is out, the winner stays and picks the next two players. This comp benefits alliances, so congrats, Detonators.

Hayden vs. Christine: Hayden is out!
Donny vs. Jocasta: Jocasta is out!
Frankie and Caleb: Caleb is out!
Amber vs. Victoria: Victoria is out!
Donny vs. Derrick: Donny is out!
Zach vs. Nicole: is out!
Amber vs. Christine: Amber is out!

I'd like to point out that the Final 4 in the game are the Detonators.

Frankie vs. Derrick: Derrick is out! He literally didn't even play and let Frankie win. This is such B.S.

Frankie is the first HoH!

Christine vs. Zach: Christine is out!

Zach is the second HoH!

Zankie are the HoHs!

#FML. This competition represents everything I hate about this season. The Detonators dominated and Derrick LET Frankie win because of sympathy. This means Frankie has been HoH three times. People had better start to realize how dangerous he is.

Obviously Jocasta and Victoria are going to be nominated again. Maybe Amber and Donny too. And Zach will probably want to backdoor Caleb or something. Yawn.

Afterwards, Derrick confesses to Julie that he lost on purpose to let Frankie see a photo of his grandpa. Everyone acts like it's such a nice gesture. It is, but it's also so obnoxious, because this is a GAME! I hope this is just a one-week thing, because otherwise Frankie is just getting a free pass to the finale out of sympathy.

Team America

Finally, we learn that the new Team America mission is to be puppet masters and get two people to fight at the nomination ceremony or PoV meeting. With Zach as an HoH, that should be easy enough.

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