'Big Brother 16' Recap: Donny the Hero
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Donny the Hero
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Everybody loves Donny. The bearded groundskeeper has unexpectedly become the sweetheart of Big Brother 16, winning over fans and even HGs like Devin, who called a house meeting to apologize for ever doubting him. He may not be the savviest player ever and he may not fit in with the young, sexy cast of this season, but in this episode he proves himself as the David who slays the Goliath.

There's also some rather disturbing stalker-type behavior from Caleb and Jocasta gets the plague or something. Maybe this is just God's way of testing her, like Job.

After the Battle of the Block

Dethroned HoH Nicole disappeared after the wizard-themed competition, and now she's been turned into a frog for a week. Not only is she cute as a button, she's cuter than a whole bag of buttons. Hayden is excited to hit on a hot frog.

Even cuter than the frog is Donny, who says that, even though Amber kissed him after they won the Battle of the Block, they're just friends. Less cute is the fact that Jocasta is sick and throwing up.

Caleb the Stalker

Caleb tells Amber that he threw the competition to save her, and she's afraid that he thinks she owes him something now, like a date after they leave the house. She continues to shoot him down as gently as possible, but if she has a pet bunny, that thing is going to wind up in boiling water soon.

In the living room, Cody gives Amber a back massage and she talks to him about how she doesn't like Caleb. They flirt a bit and Caleb sees the whole thing, seething in silence. Caleb confronts Cody about trying to steal his queen, so Cody has to diffuse the situation by promising him that he'd never go there.

This is really disturbing, but on the bright side, it will make a great "ripped from the headlines" episode of the new CBS fall drama Stalker.

Team America Mission

Donny tells Nicole that Zach is the cousin of season 15's Amanda Zuckerman as part of the Team America mission, going with the story that Paola told him about it before she left. He's extremely unsubtle about it, especially when he pushes Nicole to tell Christine. She does it, but the show glosses over the fact that Nicole was suspicious that Donny was some type of America's Player.

Derrick tells Caleb the rumor, and Caleb tells Amber about it. Then Derrick tells Zach about it, and he loves it so much he decides to try and make everyone in the house believe that it's true. He deserves the $5,000 for this first mission, because Zach did a much better job at succeeding than Team America itself, especially since Frankie did nothing for it.

The Next Mission: Now we get to vote for who Team America should try to get nominated, a Floater or a Physical Threat. How is this even a mission? With four nominations, I can guarantee that at least one floater and at least one physical threat will be nominated regardless of what Team America does. Also, who decides what a "floater" is? This is a waste of everyone's time.

The Power of Veto Competition

Jocasta is so sick that she can't even attend the meeting to pick players for the PoV competition, so there's just a bowtie on the chair. That's a perfect metaphor for her role in this game. Christine, Devin and Donny get picked to play, and no one is happy about Devin getting to play and possibly winning to shut down the backdoor plan.

Derrick talks to Donny about whether he'd use the PoV because he's worried about the Double D alliance possibly still being in effect. Donny decides not to show his cards, proving that this Team America Alliance is lame because they aren't a real alliance and don't have actual trust. Meanwhile, the dudes psych themselves up like they're going into war or a boxing match.

In the competition, the HGs go head-to-head. They stand in giant dice and must run around so the right number is at the top.

Christine goes first and challenges Devin. Devin wins.

Derrick goes second and challenges Devin. Derrick spends a lot of time trying to figure it out, but he fails. Devin wins.

Donny goes third and challenges Devin. Have you noticed a pattern? After winning two times in a row, everyone in the crowd assumes all hope is lost and Devin has this in the bag. But they're rooting for Donny to pull off some ninja, Navy SEAL moves.

Miraculously, Donny wins. Everyone in the house erupts in cheers. The only way it would've been better is if Jocasta rose from the dead to give him a thumbs up.

But it's not over, because the last round is Donny vs. Caleb. Donny wins, successfully taking out both of the big boys in the house.

Donny wins the Power of Veto!

Afterwards, Donny goes inside to a sick Jocasta and tells her she's not going home this week. She cries like a crazy person. Frankie is there too, because, if you notice, Frankie is in the room for almost every single scene of every episode.

Even better than being saved by Donny, Cody shows up in his PoV host vest (and nothing underneath) to do a strip tease for Jocasta.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Seeing as how Donny instantly promised to save Jocasta and Derrick's plan all along was to backdoor Devin, this is the least suspenseful ceremony ever.

Donny saves Jocasta. She cries some more and goes on and on about how amazing it is to receive such a lovely gift because she's usually the one giving, and she praises God. Ugh. God had NOTHING to do with this and it's not like Jocasta has a shot at winning this game anyway. She'll probably be evicted in a week or two, so she needs to chill out.

Derrick nominates Devin
. Devin foolishly thinks he has a chance to stay. No, Devin, you don't. Dan Gheesling is probably the only escape artist good enough to avoid this inevitable eviction, and while Dan is the best player ever, Devin is the worst.

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