'Big Brother 16' Recap: Devin vs. Caleb in the Week 3 Eviction
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Devin vs. Caleb in the Week 3 Eviction
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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In the history of Big Brother, no one has ever been evicted in the first three weeks after winning two competitions. In fact, season 5's Jase Wirey and season 10's Jessie Godderz are the only HGs to win two or more competitions without making it to the jury. All of that could change this week on Big Brother 16.

After winning HoH and PoV in week 2, Devin is nominated and is the obvious target for everyone in the house. He's sitting next to Caleb, another big, strong alpha male, and one of them will join Joey and Paola outside the house.

BUT FIRST...this is my Big Brother 16 live blog!

The Chenbot pulls no punches, announcing that Devin is obsessed with power and Caleb is obsessed with a girl. I'm almost starting to feel badly for Caleb, cuz he's going to be in for a rude awakening when he gets out of the house. Almost.

After the Power of Veto Ceremony

I'm not feeling this whole "Jocasta deserved the Veto because she couldn't compete to save herself" argument. It's also hilarious when Jocasta says she hopes to return the favor and hopes she'll be with Donny in the end. Um, sorry, but there's NO WAY those two make it to the end.

Caleb is still trying to win a date with Amber by giving her his blankets in the icy cold Have-Not room. Dude, take the advice of Elsa and let it go.

Cody considers trying to get Caleb evicted because of the whole Amber situation. He talks to Donny about it, but those two are not shot-callers in this game. There's some more Cody/Amber flirtation with Caleb creeping in to keep an eye on them. Cody is getting increasingly frustrated about the situation, and Zach and Derrick agree because it's a powder keg waiting to explode.

Hayden and Nicole are still flirting. He's desperate for a kiss, but she resists. However, she's not resisting in the same way that Amber resists Caleb, because Nicole actually likes Hayden.

Devin opens up to Cody about going to rehab and his custody arrangement for his daughter. It's a nice attempt to humanize him, but is it too little, too late? Cody, Zach, Frankie and Christine all talk about an alternate plan to get rid of Caleb. It gets back to Derrick and I'm confused. On the live feeds, it really seems like Devin is going, so either I missed something, or this is a lot of clever misdirection from the editors.

Jeff Meets Donny's Family

As if America doesn't already love Donny enough, the show crams in a segment of Jeff Schroeder visiting the groundskeeper's family. Donny's parents don't watch the show because they go to sleep before it airs and his dad prefers "cowboy pictures and Gunsmoke." Are you kidding me? People like them actually exist? Jeff shows them a few clips and Donny's parents don't like it. We get it, Donny is a genuine American treasure.

Julie and the HGs

Jocasta talks about how amazing it is that Donny saved her. Zach tells the Chenbot that he hates everyone in the house. And Hayden loves being a Have-Not and wants to be on Survivor. Finally, Julie tells the HGs that there will be no Have-Nots this week, but she tells us that the next group of Have-Nots will be decided by the fitness trackers they're wearing and what they do this week.

The Vote

Caleb, whose shirt is completely unbuttoned, thanks God and says he's not a backstabber like Devin is (but adds that Devin is a good guy). Devin says he wishes he did things differently and throws Caleb under the bus, saying he has a Final 2 deal with Amber and will do anything to save her, including throwing a Battle of the Block competition. Devin says he's a competitive monster and would carry anyone to the finale. That's a weird speech, because those last two are reasons I'd want to evict him. Shut up, Devin, no one needs you to "carry them" to the finale. They can do it on their own.

Jocasta votes to evict...Devin
Donny votes to evict...Devin
Nicole votes to evict...Devin
Hayden votes to evict...Devin

Zach votes to evict...Devin
Cody votes to evict...Devin
Victoria votes to evict...Devin
Frankie votes to evict...Devin
Amber votes to evict...Devin
Christine votes to evict...Devin
Brittany votes to evict...Devin

Devin is evicted 11-0!

This is a perfect example of why people who only watch the episodes (like Devin did) can't call themselves "students of the game." The show distorts things, because those of us who watch the live feeds knew Devin was 100 percent going home, but even I started to doubt that based on the way the show edited this episode.

Everyone in the house cheers and is so excited that Devin is gone. That's completely different from almost every other sad reaction. Devin admits that he played too hard too fast and he got too paranoid in the HoH room. Julie asks about Devin's daughter. Wait...Devin has a daughter? This is the first I'm hearing about it.

Julie tells him that Donny is who he says he is, which surprises him. In his goodbye messages, Zach calls him the worst player ever while the others are mostly nice.

The HoH Competition

The 12 eligible HGs are teamed up in pairs. The winning team will be the two HoHs. The teams are:

Victoria and Christine
Caleb and Nicole
Brittany and Jocasta
Amber and Zach
Donny and Hayden
Cody and Frankie

Each team has to work together to maneuver 12 eggs into a slot by reaching through a bit of mesh wire. It's a classic competition that requires dainty fingers. This is going to last a while, so I'll be here with a new live blog to track the action on the live feeds until we have a winner.

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Before the show ends, Amber/Zach and Cody/Frankie are in the lead with one egg each. And then it starts to rain ash.

Before going off the air, Julie reveals that Team America's new mission is to get a "Physical Threat" nominated. So basically, that means Caleb or Hayden, right? Maybe Cody too.

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