'Big Brother 16' Recap: Bomb Squad Implosion and Team America Revealed
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Bomb Squad Implosion and Team America Revealed
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The second week of Big Brother has been rather explosive in the past two years. We saw the end of the Moving Company when Nick Uhas was evicted last year and in season 14, Willie Hantz got expelled in the second week for headbutting Chef Joe. But none of that comes close to the insanity of the second week of Big Brother 16.

In this episode we see the Bomb Squad's slow descent into madness now that Devin has all of the power. The bottom line is that Devin is crazy in the worst possible way, constantly changing his mind and making decisions based purely on emotion.

After the Battle of the Block

Devin's ego grows even larger after he stays HoH, calling himself the puppet master. He tries to reassure Hayden that this was all part of his plan, but Hayden is totally creeped out by Devin and wants nothing to do with him.  Meanwhile, the weirdo alliance of Hayden, Nicole and Christine celebrate as Brittany worries that she's going home.

The Great Bomb Squad Revolt

Zach doesn't want to get rid of Brittany and rallies Cody, Derrick and Christine, aka "the firm believers that Devin is insane," on his side. Derrick goes to Caleb and Amber and convinces them as well that Brittany should stay. At this point, everyone in the Bomb Squad doesn't like that Devin is acting like a dictator.

There's even a division between best friends Caleb and Devin because Caleb is obsessed with Amber and Devin doesn't like it. That explodes one night by the pool table when Caleb confronts Devin about the alliance not wanting Brittany to go. Devin doesn't agree at all and claims Caleb is just "lovestruck" by Amber. Caleb responds that the girls are all scared of Devin.

Devin goes upstairs and gets psyched up, talking to himself like a crazy man. He looks really unstable, then goes back outside to inform Caleb that their alliance is over.

Team America

Derrick and Frankie are picked to join Donny in Team America. But the show gives them a secret spy mission to learn each other's identities. They must go to the weight bunch at 9pm and use the phrases "apple pie" and "bald eagle." Frankie and Derrick quickly figure out that they are both on the same page, and as soon as Donny comes over, Derrick knows America definitely voted for him. I like the cloak-and-dagger way they did this.

America gets to vote for the first mission, and we get two options:

-Get two HGs to kiss and spread a rumor that they're in a showmance

-Convince three other HGs to spread a rumor that someone in the house is related to a former HG

I think we all know it's going to be kissing, and I'd say Caleb and Amber would be the smartest ones to target.

The Great Bomb Squad Meeting

Caleb tries to patch things over with Devin, but things aren't really resolved because Devin still refuses to accept that Paola should go. Caleb has a slip of the tongue that people are saying bad things about Devin, at which point Devin demands a meeting of the entire Bomb Squad in his HoH room.

In the meeting, Devin proclaims that he doesn't want the Bomb Squad to be a dictatorship. That is met with silence, as opposed to laughter, which would be the appropriate response. He asks everyone who they want out, Paola or Brittany. No one speaks because they're all so scared of him. Then Zach dares to say he'd rather keep Brittany.

Devin is confused and irritated. I'm more irritated that no one stood up with Zach even though they all agree. Zach also admits that he's been talking trash about Devin to other people, but he doesn't mean it and promises that he's loyal to the Bomb Squad. Bad mistake, Zach, because Devin is ruled by emotion and now he hates Zach.

The Power of Veto Competition

Zach, Amber and Derrick join Devin, Paola and Brittany in the PoV competition. Right before it starts, Zach hears Devin tell Paola that he made a deal to save her if he wins.

The space-themed competition is identical to the second PoV comp last year where the HGs must balance nine planets on a series of hangers (last year it was stuffed animals and they were all in onesies).

Devin wants to win because "I want all the power to rest in my hands, nobody else's." I'm fairly certain that's the official definition of a dictatorship, but then again, his ego is so big that he's unable to understand the obvious hypocrisy in everything he says.

Paola is a total joke as always and it comes down to Devin vs. Derrick. In the end, Devin wins the Power of Veto. No one is happy.

Devin vs. Zach

Zach decides to do damage control after the PoV competition, but Devin refuses to listen. He's angry because he thinks Zach is just trying to tell him what he wants to hear and he doesn't like that (even though Zach is actually trying to be honest with him). Ironically, Frankie then explains to Zach that you have to lie to Devin and tell him what he wants to hear because Devin is unstable and can't handle the truth.

Meanwhile, Brittany goes up the HoH room and plays the "parent" card, because both she and Devin have children. That works and Devin has an instantaneous change of heart. So Devin was angry when Zach wanted to keep Brittany, but now Devin wants to keep Brittany? Brittany understands how to play Devin and agrees to a deal that she won't come after him if he saves her. Devin then confesses that he made Paola throw the Battle of the Block competition.

The next day, Zach and Devin have another fight in the living room. At the end of the day, the fight stems from the fact that Devin is crazy and Zach makes the mistake of trying to talk to him like a rational human being. Zach gets frustrated and says Devin should just put him up if he really doesn't trust him. Devin takes this literally.

The Crazy Power of Veto Ceremony

Devin tells us that he made deals to save both Paola and Brittany, so he's going to make one of them angry. And if he nominates someone in the Bomb Squad, his alliance won't be happy either. Basically, he's put himself in a position where he's going to make as many enemies as he possibly can.

In their veto speeches, Paola just strikes some poses while Brittany says her target is Paola. Devin then says that Brittany is a great person, so he uses the Power of Veto to save Brittany because she's a single mom.

Devin nominates Zach. The Power of Veto meeting is over...but then Brittany says she wants to say something. It's a perfect "To be continued" moment as the narrator promises that "All hell breaks loose after the veto meeting."

Now we have to wait until Thursday's live eviction to see the screaming and chaos after the PoV ceremony and all sorts of other insanity that happened over the past few days. You can't afford to miss it.

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