'Big Brother 15' Recap: Andy Sticks to the Status Quo
'Big Brother 15' Recap: Andy Sticks to the Status Quo
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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One of my favorite songs from High School Musical is "Stick to the Status Quo." And one of my favorite lines of dialogue from Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog is "The status is not quo." Both of those things seem to accurately reflect my thoughts on this episode of Big Brother 15.

Andy finally wins something and decides to keep things the same by nominating the people who've been nominated for the past three weeks. He's sticking to the status quo, and if you're looking for excitement or a big game move, then this is most definitely not quo.

Double Eviction Fallout

We get to see that Candice and GinaMarie's fight continued while everyone was voting, and it just kept getting uglier and uglier. Candice is kind of rude, but GM hits the real low blow by saying that Candice's mother didn't want her (she was adopted). That comment makes everyone, even Aaryn and Helen, realize that GM is truly awful.

Next up is the explanation about how Judd's blindside came to pass. After Aaryn won HoH, she was confused about what to do and Jessie seemed to be the target. Aaryn just kept saying she couldn't put GM up.

Even after Aaryn won the Power of Veto, she was set on keeping the nominations the same. But then Helen brought up blindsiding Judd. And Helen quickly got everyone, namely McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Elissa, on board with it. I understand the desire to use the double eviction to make a big move, but it infuriates me that they wasted it on the WRONG big move. The flashbacks to Aaryn whining about how Judd lied to ger about David and Nick is truly ludicrous, as EVERYONE lied to her the first two weeks, not just Judd.

When Judd gets nominated, he pleads for his life and everyone is crying and avoiding eye contact. They're all deeply ashamed of what they've done and it's just a really depressing situation. Helen tries to comfort Aaryn, saying she made a huge move and it will get her to the end. This is everything wrong with this season, the fact that people get bullied into doing what the house wants instead of actually doing what's best for their own game.

With Aaryn crying, Helen gives her a pep talk about how she's the new Janelle. This entire episode is making me really, really hate Helen. Next up is Amanda, who promises Aaryn that they have a Final 4 deal with McCrae and Andy. Aaryn doesn't seem to love this prospect, but goes along with it.

McCrae cries too because Judd was his best friend. He's joined by Amanda and Andy, and they're all deeply saddened, but keep telling themselves it was the right thing to do because Judd was going to win this game if he stayed.

The HoH Competition

The HGs must win a bracket by navigating a cherry onto the top of a sundae using a ramp. Andy makes a lot of comments about wanting to win to make a big move and prove that he's here to play the game. Knowing how this episode will end, those words are the funniest part of the hour.

Also, the winner will have to name four HGs to be the Have-Nots for the week. Here's the bracket:

Helen vs. Jessie
Andy vs. GinaMarie
Amanda vs. Spencer
Elissa vs. McCrae

Jessie, Andy, Amanda and McCrae win their first round matches. Amanda gets it done on her second try and McCrae makes a bunch of dumb wacky noises.

In the semifinals, Andy beats Jessie and then it's time for the showmance battle, Amanda vs. McCrae. Amanda wants her boyfriend to throw it, but he beats her instead. He laughs it off, but she is furious and whines about it for the rest of the episode.

In the finale, it's Andy vs. McCrae, which doesn't matter because they'd both do the same thing as they've been in an alliance since week 2. Andy gets it in on his first try.

Andy is the new HoH! Sigh.

Then he has to pick Have-Nots, but since Helen, Elissa, GinaMarie and Aaryn all volunteer, it takes all of the pressure off of him. This is the perfect metaphor for Andy's HoH reign: He's going to avoid making actual decisions at all costs and just pray other people do it for him.

He's then worried about having to "unfriend" two people by nominating them. Cue the montage of every single HG saying they're best friends with Andy and feel safe. Maybe I'm stupid, but I really don't respect his style of social game.

Amanda's Pity Party

Helen gives Amanda a pep talk about how great her game is and how she can win without having to win competitions. Helen needs to stop being the house cheerleader, because it's really annoying. Amanda keeps crying and whining about it, and Jessie is so over her stupid pity party because she's stayed for two straight weeks without getting a single vote against her. Have I mentioned how much I love Jessie?

McCrae cheers her up by saying they've controlled every single nomination and eviction without getting any blood on their hands, so it's actually a good thing. And that's precisely why I'm 100 percent certain if either of them are at the finale, they will win this game.

Making a Big Move vs. Playing it Safe

We don't even get to see Andy getting his HoH room, instead we jump straight to Andy telling Helen that he has already decided to put up Jessie and Spencer. She suggests putting up Amanda and McCrae because she's ready to make a big move. She even says you can't win this game playing it safe.

The problem is that Andy has loyalty to both sides of the house right now (McCrae and Amanda vs. Helen and Elissa) and doesn't want to make a choice. He wants to stay close to both of them and wait to see who he should join. In other words, he's a floater. On the second thought, he's a Floater with a capital "F." Actually, he's a FLOATER!

The Nominations

Andy does just as he told Helen, and just as he told Amanda less than an hour after winning the HoH: He nominates Jessie and Spencer. Wow, is that the "big move" he was planning?

Andy's speech is as weak as his game, saying he likes Jessie and Spencer personally, but that nominating them is a strategic move to secure his position in the game, which is code for "What Amanda told me to do."

The only saving grace is that, in the diary room, Helen gives these nominations two thumbs down and says that if Andy doesn't backdoor Amanda or McCrae, it will show her where his true loyalty lies. OK, I've decided that I LOVE Diary Room Helen, but HATE Inside the House Helen.

Also, in the final diary room sessions, Amanda refers to Judd as "J-U-Double Eviction." The only thing funny about that is that Amanda probably thinks she's really clever and that America loves how funny she is. I bet she thinks she's the new Britney, with hilarious diary room sessions that will make her America's Favorite. Now THAT'S funny.

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