'Big Brother 15' Recap: A Slave to the House
'Big Brother 15' Recap: A Slave to the House
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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With Aaryn as HoH once again on Big Brother 15, I have no interest in rehashing the whole racism debate. But when Aaryn says that she's the minority or that she's "a slave to the house," it's kind of hard to think about anything else.

While the terminology is less than ideal, I get her point. This week she IS a slave to the house, if "the house" is McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Judd, Jessie and Helen. She made a deal last week, and now she's sticking to it. Is it what she wants to do? No. Is she targeting people who would come after her? No. But it's what "the house" wants.

Previously on Big Brother 15

Aaryn wins HoH, but really, everything you need to know happened BEFORE Kaitlin was evicted. This episode starts with a whole bunch of flashbacks that fill us in to what really happened.

Two nights before the eviction, Helen sealed her deal with Aaryn by saying, if Aaryn wins HoH, she has to promise to nominate Howard and Spencer.

Then, 17 hours before Kaitlin's eviction, Jessie told Candice about the deal. Ooh, Jessie is being a sneaky little player.

Half an hour before the eviction, Candice confronted Helen about the deal she made with Aaryn. Helen, of course, denied it. We see Candice say to Helen "Don't let her put me up," but Helen later claims Candice threatened her and demanded that Aaryn nominate GinaMarie and Spencer. And they say Aaryn is the one twisting people's words?

Back to this week, Helen meets up with Aaryn after the HoH win to say that Candice knows about the deal and threatened her. Helen suspects that Elissa is the one who told her and immediately turns on Elissa. Helen goes to her group (Judd, Amanda and McCrae) and tells them that Elissa told Candice about their deal with Aaryn and they need to take Elissa out. This is what Mark Twain meant when he wrote "A lie can make it half way around the world before the truth has time to put its boots on."

Congratulations, Jessie, on stirring up all sorts of drama.

Aaryn's HoH Room

When Aaryn gets her HoH key, everyone hides upstairs and Aaryn walks through a ghost town, cursing about how much she hates everyone. It's actually pretty funny. Less funny is the return of Clownie, Aaryn's creepy doll who gets his own diary room session courtesy of Amanda. Oh Amanda, stop trying to be funny in the diary room. It's not working.

Then comes a moment so awkward they should make an MTV comedy about it. Aaryn says that she "aksed" for something, then turns to Candice and says "You've got me saying aksed."

Yup, there's absolutely NOTHING racist about that.


We get a quick scene of Amanda and McCrae taking a bubble bath. They say "I love you" to each other and make out. Then McCrae farts in the tub. If you think these two are sweet or endearing, you should really be watching the live feeds. They're not.

Let's Not Make a Deal

Spencer talks to Aaryn about nominations, and Aaryn just explains that she made a deal to stay safe and she doesn't want to rock the boat. Spencer urges her to make a power move and not just do exactly what the people who sent home all of her allies (David, Jeremy, Kaitlin) want her to do.

Later, Howard makes the same basic pitch. To her credit, Aaryn seems to genuinely respect Spencer and Howard as players, and it does appear that she doesn't want to put them up, but she's just going to try and save herself by doing whatever people tell her to do. She repeatedly calls herself "a slave" and "the minority," which is so absurdly ironic I can't even believe it.

The Have-Not Competition

Poppy Montgomery from CBS' Unforgettable (which just so happens to premiere right after this episode) introduces the Have-Not competition. Andy pretends to actually know who she is because they're both ginger.

The cop-themed challenge involves stacking things on a desk, and in the second round, they must return all of the items to their original positions.

The team of Andy, McCrae, Elissa and Aaryn prove quite good at everything. Seeing as how they've won a combined five HoH and PoVs while the other two teams only have one win each in past competitions, it's not that shocking.

GinaMarie, Amanda, Candice and Judd lose. They get...something. On the live feeds we know America voted to give them Ramen and Raisins, but they don't even show it on the episode. Why would anyone bother voting for these food choices if it's not even featured on the show?


Since Candice has figured out that Aaryn is going to nominate Howard and Spencer (because Candice is basically the Sherlock Holmes of the season), she decides to try and flip the game. Candice talks to Aaryn about nominating Amanda and McCrae because they're the ones running the show, but Aaryn maintains that she won't bite the hand that feeds her and will do whatever the majority of the house wants her to do.

Aaryn then tells us that she just doesn't listen to anything Candice says because Candice doesn't exist to her.

Candice gets depressed that what she tried to do just failed. She's starting to realize that you can't fight the power. I get it. She's feeling like I do this season, that it's impossible to go after the inner circle running the game.

Aaryn considers nominating Elissa, because she knows Elissa hates her and will come after her. But the rest of the house doesn't want that. Jessie claims Aaryn needs to do what's best for her game and that taking out Howard or Elissa is a "power move." It's not a power move, it's doing exactly what the real power players want.

At the end of the day, Aaryn does exactly what she promised to do last Tuesday night and nominates Howard and Spencer. Congratulations, Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Jessie and Andy. The power strikes again and your puppet did what puppets do.

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