'Big Brother 15' HoH Blog: GinaMarie May Not Be the Best Writer
'Big Brother 15' HoH Blog: GinaMarie May Not Be the Best Writer
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Every week on Big Brother 15, the outgoing HoH gets to write a blog post about their time in power and their thoughts on the house. On Tuesday, after GinaMarie wrote hers, she was crying because she was worried she couldn't spell and came across as stupid with her blog. Helen and Amanda assured her this was not the case and that she has plenty to offer the world.

Now the blog is posted on the Big Brother 15 website, and it turns out her fears were warranted. As an editor, I read her 400-word post and immediately had a desperate need to cover my computer screen with red ink.

Just for fun, I've handpicked my favorite outrageous grammatical mistakes from her blog.


-This isn't that bad since Roman numerals are tricky, but 15 is XV. VX is a deadly nerve gas.

"this weeks been crazy!!!!"

-This sums up everything wrong with these blogs, and to be fair, it's not just GM's problem. The houseguests tend to avoid proper capitalization, avoid correct apostrophe usage and include excessive amounts of exclamation points.

"i can't believe I'm had the honor of being HOH"

-This is just the second sentence of GM's HoH blog and already I'm at a loss for words. "I'm had"?

"the only thing that could of made being HOH perfect was having Nick here to share it with me"

-Ignoring her stalker-ish obsession with Nick, "could of" is one of my personal pet peeves. It's supposed to be "could have."

"but i know he's routing me on back home and is super duper proud of me"

-First of all, no 33-year-old woman should ever use the phrase "super duper." Second, Nick isn't "routing" for anyone. Maybe he's "rooting" for her, but the only thing he's routing is directions to get as far away from GM as possible.

"if you ever see that "Blue Hat" it means i'm thinking of you and knowing your still with me in this crazy house"

-Again, let's try to ignore the Fatal Attraction-level of obsession with Nick and focus on another personal pet peeve: "your" vs. "you're."

"but it not all sunshine and rainbows"

-To be fair, she may just be quoting Cookie Monster, because I'm fairly certain he's said those exact words at some point on Sesame Street.

"you know you have to nom 2 house guest and thats one of my hardest jobs"

-Never mind the missing apostrophe, how about making "house guest" plural since she's talking about two?

"but it a dirty job an somebody's Got to do it"

-GM's Cookie Monster-style returns. Equally confounding is why she chose to capitalize "Got."

"I coundt be happier living in the Big brother House"

-OK, maybe this is just a typo and she meant to write "couldn't."

"i coundt of asked for anything more"

-Oh wait, she wrote "coundt" again, so there goes my typo theory.

"I feel truly blessed for bing here and living my dreams"

-Either she forgot the "e" in "being," or this is some brilliant product placement for that thing that isn't Google.

"I may not be the best writer but i try lol"

-This is the understatement of the century.

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