'Big Brother 15': Does Aaryn's Second HoH Win Bode Well for Her Future?
'Big Brother 15': Does Aaryn's Second HoH Win Bode Well for Her Future?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Aaryn Gries might be one of the most hated houseguests of all-time, but on Big Brother 15 she's safe once again after winning her second HoH of the season.

As a self-described Big Brother historian, I became curious about other past houseguests who've won two early HoH competitions to see whether it bodes well for Aaryn's future in the game, or if it means she'll be evicted quickly.

In the past, there have been eight instances of a houseguest winning two of the first five HoH competitions (but only seven people, because Rachel Reilly did it twice). Of those eight, all of them made the jury, so Aaryn could be safe for a few more weeks, but most of them were evicted shortly thereafter. Two finished in ninth place, two finished in seventh place, and only one went on to win the game.

Here's a look at the past eight HGs who've won two early HoH competitions.

Season 14: Frank Eudy

Like Aaryn, Frank won the second and fifth HoH competitions last season. He was also frequently nominated, like Aaryn. He managed to survive by competition victories alone for a few more weeks, but was evicted in seventh place.

Season 13: Rachel Reilly

Of the eight times an HG has won two of the first five HoH competitions, Rachel is the only eventual winner. Of course she had plenty of help in the form of a fiancé and two great friends in Jeff and Jordan, while Aaryn doesn't really have much support.

Season 12: Rachel Reilly and Matt Hoffman

Season 12 is the only time that two HGs both won two HoH competitions in the first five weeks. Rachel and Matt traded off wins from week 2 to week 5, but all it did was make both of them prime targets. Rachel was evicted in ninth place while Matt only lasted to seventh.

Season 11: Jessie Godderz

Like Rachel in season 13, Jessie was the first and third HoH. However, thanks to Jeff Schroeder's Coup d'Etat, he was evicted in ninth place.

Season 9: James Zinkand

Crazy James won the second HoH with partner Chelsia and the fifth HoH by himself after getting voted back into the house. Like Frank in season 14, he then won the next two Power of Veto competitions to save himself, but was evicted the following week in sixth place.

Season 7: Janelle Pierzina

After Rachel's season 13 victory, Janelle's third place finish on All-Stars is the best anyone has done after winning two of the first five HoH competitions. It helped that, throughout the season, she won a total of four HoHs and five PoVs. I don't see Aaryn doing that.

Season 2: Hardy Ames-Hill

Without a Power of Veto competition, Hardy dominated the show's second season by winning HoH in weeks 3 and 5. But ultimately he was evicted in fourth place.

As I see it, Aaryn is most likely going to be one of those HGs who finishes in seventh or ninth place. She's too hated and has too few true allies to last much longer, but she can probably skate by a couple more weeks by either winning competitions or praying there are bigger targets. But Aaryn is no Rachel Reilly or Janelle Pierzina, so all you haters have nothing to fear, because her two early HoH wins probably mean she won't last much longer in the game.

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