'Big Brother 14': Which Coaches Would Enter the Game?
'Big Brother 14': Which Coaches Would Enter the Game?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
On Thursday's episode of Big Brother 14, Julie Chen revealed the latest twist. America will get to vote on whether the four coaches will be given the opportunity to enter the game as players.

Hopefully this will go over better than last week's big trade twist, which didn't happen. That's what happens when you give people the option to do something, and this week's new twist might backfire as well. But it seems obvious that America will vote in favor of letting the coaches choose, because the possibility of something is better than nothing. And even if America doesn't vote that way, I'm sure CBS will lie and say they did, because the producers know they need to shake things up.

The real question is whether the coaches would actually accept the offer to play the game instead of coach it. Let's look at each coach and see what they might do.

Dan: He seems to love coaching, but since he's down to one player (and that player is Danielle), he has to know that his odds of winning the $100,000 are slim to none. He has nothing to lose by entering the game.

Britney: Similar to Dan, she only has one player, and Shane is a HUGE target after basically winning four of the first five competitions (he was a part of the team that won the first HoH). Unless she thinks he can win either HoH or PoV EVERY SINGLE WEEK, Britney has to know Shane isn't going to win. Also, since she's generally perceived as the worst coach and weakest player, she might have a better chance to survive as a player.

Janelle: Janelle has a pretty solid team and, if all three of her players remain safe after this week, she could have a chance at victory. But Janelle is a competitor and she hates sitting on the sidelines, not being involved in the action. I'm pretty sure she'd jump at a chance to play again, especially since she's never won.

Boogie: Like Janelle, he could survive this week with all three players, and people like Frank and Ian could very easily win the entire game. So Boogie would probably have the most reason to stay a coach to try and collect $100,000. But there are two problems with that. First, he's quite successful and rich and doesn't need the money. He's playing for glory. Second, as Dr. Will Kirby said, Boogie's biggest weakness is his Texas-sized ego. Boogie is so damn cocky that he would probably jump at the chance to play the game again just to have some fun and prove how amazing he is.

If the coaches are given the option to play the game, I suspect all four of them will. Why would they want to just sit back and not play the game for the rest of the season? They would also need to align with one another as the newbies would most likely turn on them.

It will also mean we would actually get some double eviction nights. Right now there are seven live eviction episodes BEFORE the finale.

Here are the five possible outcomes.

If no coaches enter the game, the show will need to have one non-elimination week, or bring back one of the evicted HGs.

If one coach enters the game, there will only be two people in the finale.

If two coaches enter the game, then we'll either have a final three or one double eviction episode.

If three coaches enter the game, we'll have a final three AND a double eviction episode.

If all four coaches enter the game, we'll have a final three and TWO double eviction weeks.

Next Thursday's episode is bound to be an exciting one that could definitely change the entire game. If any or all of the coaches enter the game, alliances will be forced to shift and break up and chaos will ensue. After the rather predictable second week, that sort of insanity would be a welcome change of pace.

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