'Big Brother 14' Week 3 HoH Blog: Shane Loves Vermont and the Troops
'Big Brother 14' Week 3 HoH Blog: Shane Loves Vermont and the Troops
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The outgoing HoH on Big Brother 14 gets to write a blog, a quick journal entry where they can vent about the house and their place in the game. Each HoH blog typically represents their personality. Willie's was short and full of errors. Frank's was shiny and happy. And now comes Shane, and his blog may as well have been written by Captain Obvious. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's clearly a good guy who loves his family, the troops and his home state of Vermont.

You can read Shane's full HoH Blog HERE.

His HoH Blog begins with an extensive list of shout-outs to his friends and family. And he also earned himself a job as the spokesman for the Vermont Tourism Board with this hilariously random gem:

"Vermont is such a beautiful state with a lot of down to earth people, great maple syrup and cheese, hiking trails, and not to mention the gorgeous green mountains. If you ever get a chance to visit one of the ski areas or parks you will not be disappointed."

But then, amidst a parade of typos (using "where" instead of "were") he offers his rather simplistic insights into the game. He rambles on and on, describing the basics of the game and what is going on. It's painfully obvious this was written by someone who doesn't watch Big Brother and who assumes the people reading this blog have never watched it either.

The coaches twist changes everything and has made him make decisions based on the coaches and not the actual players. That's obvious, as is the fact that a player can win without their coach. Of course it's painfully clear reading this that Shane has absolutely no clue about the coaches coming into the game and will probably have no idea what to do when that happens.

Finally, he ends with a sentiment so wonderfully simple it sounds like he's running for Congress (or maybe just for America's Favorite since he won't win the game).

"Much love to America and our troops!! Get home safe troops. GOD BLESS EVERYONE!"

Shane's HoH Blog perfectly represents him as a player. He's simple, wholesome and earnest, but way too naïve to appreciate the nuances, deceptions and manipulations of Big Brother. However, this will certainly help get him more fans, and I'm pretty sure he is on his way to becoming the second incarnation of Jeff Schroeder, a beloved HG who wins America's hearts, but not the game.

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