'Big Brother 14' Week 2 Coaches Competition Spoilers: Was There a Trade?
'Big Brother 14' Week 2 Coaches Competition Spoilers: Was There a Trade?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Julie Chen threw a monkey wrench into the proceedings on Thursday's live eviction episode of Big Brother 14, announcing that the winner of the second Coaches Competition could keep one of their nominees safe, or they could trade a player. After countless speculation about who would or wouldn't be traded, the competition was held on Friday.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Janelle won the Coaches Competition and did NOT make a trade. She chose to save Ashley, not that it matters.

In addition, she got to choose the Have-Nots and she naturally chose Willie, Shane and JoJo. Ian then volunteered himself, so he is the fourth Have-Not. And it seems America was very kind, giving them pork rinds and pudding.

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I get Willie as a Have-Not, but punishing Shane and JoJo just for being on his team is cruel. Obviously Willie is unhappy and steaming, which is making people quite uncomfortable. He's cursing and vowing to get kicked out before Thursday, which would be somewhat interesting. We haven't had a good self-destructive elimination since Chima in season 11.

In other words, absolutely NOTHING has changed and Britney's team is completely screwed. This entire week is going to be a big waste of time because two of Britney's people will be nominated (probably Willie and Shane) and if one of them wins the Power of Veto, the other will go home and JoJo will be the replacement nominee.

It's inevitable. It's a done deal. There are three people on the outs and the rest of the house is united against them. As someone who was fascinated by the up-and-down drama of last week, I already wish we could fast forward six days because this is going to be unbearably boring.

I blame the twist. While I was initially interested in having the coaches in the house, the problem is that it turned Big Brother 14 into a team game, not an individual game. There's no way Frank, Ian and Jenn would be in an alliance together in a normal season, but simply because Boogie picked the three of them, they are working together and they vote as one. The same goes for Janelle's team (where, I can assure you, Wil and Ashley would NEVER be working with Joe otherwise).

Making the show a team game makes it miserable to watch. You can't sway one person to vote with you, you need to sway an entire team. And with so few players in this game (we're already down to 10), a team of three is unstoppable.

The producers really need to shake things up. The idea of a trade was interesting, but the fact is that there was no real incentive for anyone to do it. The battle lines have already been drawn, the teams have already vowed loyalty to one another and the coaches have already put so much effort into their own players. Unless they're forced to, there's no reason a coach would want to mess with that.

At the recent house meeting Willie told everyone that they needed to play their own games and not play their coaches' games. Well, he was right, but it was too late. Everyone is playing the coaches' game and no one is thinking for themselves. Ashley will do whatever Joe, Wil and Janelle tell her to do. The same goes for Boogie's team and Dan's one remaining player. Willie certainly tried to play a game separate from his coach, and look where it got him.

The twist has officially backfired and unless things change in a major way soon, we could be in for a long and boring season of Big Brother.

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