'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won the Week4 Power of Veto?
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won the Week4 Power of Veto?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Shane Meany has won the first three Power of Veto competitions of Big Brother 14. In the history of the series, no player has ever won four in a row. Did Shane break the record? And will the winner use the Power of Veto?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Danielle is the HoH and she nominated Frank and Wil.

Danielle won the Power of Veto!

Jenn, Ian and Shane were chosen to compete for the PoV. Congratulations, Jenn, you finally got to play in your first Veto comp! I'm a bit surprised no coaches were picked, and I find it interesting that Shane, Frank and Wil have now played in all four PoV competitions.

For the second week in a row, the HoH also wins PoV, and it's clear that the Power Couple (Shane and Danielle) really does have all the power. They can basically claim victory in seven of the eight competitions so far this season.

The competition involved rewards and punishments. I'll update as we get more details, but here's what it sounds like each player got.

Danielle: Power of Veto

Shane: Veto Ticket (meaning he can automatically play in a future PoV competition if his name is not picked)

Frank: Cheerleader Unitard (called the Spirit-tard)

Wl: $5,000

Jenn: A trip to Maui

Ian: Dog for a Day. He has to spend 24 hours in a dog kennel in the backyard and eat and drink out of dog bowls. If he needs to go to the bathroom, someone has to walk him there on a leash. He's also dressed like a dog.

Poor Frank, it looks like he's bringing back the trend of people always getting evicted the week they wear silly outfits (see: Casey and Lydia in season 11, Kristen in season 12). This year the unitard is a purple with a skirt and pom poms, a cheerleading outfit from Big Brother University.

frankunitard.jpgIan actually had the opportunity to take Jenn's Maui vacation and give her the dog punishment, but he didn't to make up for the fact that he got $3,000 from Boogie and Jenn only got $1,000.. He's really playing up the "I'll take al the punishments" card as a reason for people to keep him.

iankellenybb14.jpgHere's how the Dog for a Day thing works. If Ian is out of his enclosed area, he must wear a leash and someone must be holding onto it. If he needs to use the bathroom but no one is outside, he can wave to the camera and a barking sound comes over the sound system alerting everyone in the house to the fact that the "dog" needs to go for a walk. In a sick way, this is probably Ian's version of a fantasy baseball camp.

iandogsuit.jpgianwalkiesdog.jpgSo unless a miracle hapens, the PoV won't be used and Frank is gone. I hope that, next week, a member of the Inner Tubes wins. If you're wondering what that is, it's the nickname Dan and the rest of his alliance have given to the anti-coach alliance that seems to involve Joe, Ian, Jenn, Wil and possibly Ashley. It might also have Boogie, because even though he's a coach, he is reticent to join the others since they all lied to him last week.

Meanwhile, Danielle has been completely fooled by Dan, Britney and Janelle. She's basically being treated like the fourth coach. I don't think that will help her win in the end (I doubt any of the coaches would take a newbie to the finale if given the choice), but the fact that she just won back-to-back competitions certainly increases her case for potentially winning at the end.

We'll find out Monday morning if Danielle will use the Power of Veto, but unless something very dramatic happens in the next day and a half, that won't happen.

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