'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Was Nominated in Week 4?
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Was Nominated in Week 4?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The game has reset on Big Brother 14. Well, sort of. While the spirit of the twist may be that everything is starting over and there are no more "coaches" and "teams," that's not entirely true. It's hard to break old habits, and after a nearly three-and-a-half hour endurance HoH competition, it's time for the first nominations of season 14, 2.0.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Danielle won the HoH competition.

She nominated Frank and Wil.

You're probably asking yourself "WTF?" And you would be right.

Danielle's first inclination was to go after Janelle, but then the target turned to Frank (again) for the same basic reasons as last week. Plus Dan kind of outed the fact that Frank was going to be evicted to Boogie, who then told Frank, so that kind of burned that bridge.

But why Wil? There are two reasons. The first (which is NOT the one Britney and Dan talk about) is that Wil wants the coaches out more than anyone. He has been the de factor leader of the resistance, though he has yet to make major headway. The second (and the one Britney uses as cover) is that Wil has been talking to Frank and they're not sure they can trust him or control his vote.

The truly unfortunate drama unfolded minutes before the nomination ceremony. Danielle and Dan were talking and she began to consider nominating Boogie and Frank. Her main fear is that Boogie gets picked to play in the PoV, wins, saves Frank, and then both of them survive this week. She wanted to put them both up to ensure one would go home and she wouldn't alienate anyone because they both hate her already for the plot to blindside Frank. That makes total sense and is probably what's best for HER game.

But Dan was very against this idea. He was afraid that they wouldn't have the votes to evict Frank and Boogie might go home instead. He also tried to dismiss Danielle's doomsday scenario of Boogie and Frank BOTH being safe this week by saying its statistically unlikely thaqt Boogie's name would even got drawn to play or that he'd even win if it did. And Dan doesn't want Boogie to possibly go because if a coach goes, then all the coaches will be targets and Dan will be a bigger threat.

You'll notice his objection has NOTHING to do with Daniele's safety. The two went back and forth on the pros and cons of both sides, and in the end, Danielle basically caved and decided to go with whatever Dan wanted. Seriously, she actually said that she'd nominate Wil instead of Boogie if Dan told her to and she wouldn't resent him or hold it against him if it blows up. It's embarrassing and pathetic. I've been so distracted by Janelle trying to force her players into doing everything she wanted I didn't realize Dan had created his own perfect robot whose only mission is to protect him at all costs.

It's clear that Dan excels at the game in terms of getting Danielle to do what's best for him. While Janelle's coaching strategy was to browbeat her players into doing everything she said, Dan fostered and nurtured Danielle, making her feel appreciated. By being her friend as well as her coach and making her feel included in the conversations and decisions, Dan has ensured himself someone who will protect him at all costs and do whatever he says. It's kind of diabolically brilliant.

But it also worries me. Last season we saw veterans and newbies playing side-by-side, and the veterans were successfully able to turn the newbies against each other by flipping a few of them right away. But the veterans (not counting Daniele Donato) stuck together and were able to go far. Eventually Rachel Reilly won, beating out a group of newbies that were so weak that they just went along with the flow and didn't try to make any big moves.

There's a chance Big Brother 14 could have the same outcome. A handful of newbies will align with the coaches and the coaches will convince them to take out the big targets so that, in the end, all the veterans need to do is beat a few useless newbies.

Just imagine what happens if even two or three of the coaches wind up at the end with players like Jenn, Joe and Ashley. It would be complete domination, and while right now everyone likes to act like the newbies would NEVER give the win to a coach in the end, that's not true. If it comes down to Dan and Jenn or Dan and Ashley, no one will think either of those girls did anything to warrant a victory, even if Dan already won the game once before.

So Danielle, under the influence of Dan's "MIST" (Britney's term for his svengali-like ability to talk people into doing anything he wants), just set the tone for the new season, and the tone is that newbies should go after newbies and the coaches AREN'T a huge threat. Which is just plain wrong.

Now my only hope is that WIl or Frank (or maybe one of the other newbies) wins the Power of Veto, saves one of them and they can convince Danielle to backdoor Boogie or Janelle. Luckily that's something she's open to, so there's still hope.

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