'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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If you don't follow the live feeds, then you don't know who won this week's Head of Household competition on Big Brother 14. Oh, who am I kidding? Even if you didn't follow along, it was obvious who was going to win from the moment Julie Chen said "Go." Every time the show does one of these physical strength/endurance competitions, we all know who will win.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Shane won HoH, obviously. In addition, Britney won Safety (meaning she can't be nominated) and Boogie won $10,000.

Shane nominated Frank and Boogie.

There's also a bit of mystery and paranoia in the house because a Mystery Box showed up in the crane game today.

While Frank and Boogie thought the Silent Six was tight, and that NOT backdooring Dan last week would earn them some goodwill, it didn't. The Quack Pack all saw Frank's mere consideration of backdooring Dan as proof he can't be trusted. Combined with the fact that Boogie greedily took $10,000 (in addition to the $6,000 he already won) and you have a perfect rationale for nominating these two.

Shane talked to them after the nominations and basically blamed Britney for them being nominated. He claimed that he wanted to put up Joe and Ashley, but Britney convinced him to put up Frank and Boogie instead. Not only is this a lie, but is it really better? Shane's plan relies on him looking like a total moron who can't make his own decisions. He also claimed Dan and Danielle had no idea that Frank and Boogie were going to be nominated, which is another lie. Shane is definitely protecting EVERYONE except Britney.

As of now, the target is Frank, mostly because he's viewed as a bigger threat (he does have 2 HoH and a PoV win, after all). But everyone seems OK with Boogie going home if Frank happens to win the Power of Veto. Then again, there was a plan in the first week to get rid of Frank, and that didn't work out. Then there was a plan to evict him in week 3, but the reset twist ruined that. Then they tried to evict him two weeks ago, but then decided to go after Janelle. My point is that Frank has made a career out of dodging bullets.

The only thing Shane is slightly worried about is that whichever one of them stays will come after him, so his game talking sessions with everyone else have mostly consisted of him making them promise that they won't vote him out if/when he's nominated next week.

The funniest part might be Boogie and Frank's insane delusions inside the house. They initially thought the Silent Six would keep them safe and were even talking about how, once they get rid of Shane, there will be no competition standing between them and the finale. That's pretty cocky to be talking about evicting the current HoH.

They also talked a lot about wanting Britney to leave because she's always complaining and doesn't wash her dishes. Boogie, talking about Britney, said "You're a housewife. You should be cleaning up. Do you want people watching TV thinking this is what kind of wife you are?" Wow. I can't decide if he was being a little sarcastic or genuine in his incredibly antiquated misogyny.

They also ragged on Ian, Jenn, Ashley and Joe being completely useless, which is fair given their utter lack of accomplishments thus far. Seriously, if they make it to the end, what can they possibly say to justify their argument to win? Ian desperately begged Danielle, Dan, Britney and Shane to join their alliance and then gave it the dumbest name ever? Joe stayed loyal to Janelle? Ashley made out with half the guys in the house? Jenn....was there?

As annoying as Frank and Boogie are, that's nothing compared to the shrill personality of Danielle. She's been going around to EVERYONE since the HoH competition asking if they saw her fall, as if her fall was the most amazing fall in the history of falling.

She also tried to claim she beat Dan in the competition in spite of the fact that he was incredibly close to her even after spending the first 30 minutes filling up half of his Safety jug before moving on to HoH, while Danielle was filling the HoH jug the entire time.

Finally, once everyone left Shane's HoH room, she tried to get a little frisky with him, but he was not interested, which prompted her to complain that he was just making people think that the Zingbot was right when he joked that he would give her a restraining order. Um, you can't blame HIM for that perception, Danielle. You're the one who won't take a hint that he's not that into you. It's so sad that it's funny, because she cares SO MUCH about what other people think of her, but no one else even cares.

Also, she spent most of last week talking about some dude named Trey who she allegedly went on a few dates with before entering the house and who she claims to still care about. I don't know Trey, I know nothing about him, but I'm pretty sure he's not going to be dating Danielle again after she leaves the game.

What do you think of Shane's nominations and Danielle's general awfulness? Should Frank or Boogie be the target this week?

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