'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Week 2 Nominees and a Houseguest Gets Expelled
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Week 2 Nominees and a Houseguest Gets Expelled
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It was a drama filled day in the Big Brother 14 house. With Frank as the HoH we knew Britney's team was screwed, but not THIS screwed.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Willie Hantz has been expelled from Big Brother 14. This came after a violent temper tantrum  after Janelle won the Coaches Competition and made him a Have-Not.

According to Janelle, Willie threw pork rinds at her, kicked the Have-Not door and headbutted Joe four times. She also said Wllie had to be physically removed from the house. Yikes, that's going to make for an intense and explosive Sunday episode. In the aftermath the show apparently ordered in pizza for the HGs and even the three remaining Have-Nots got to eat some.

However, everything else remains the same this week and after Frank was expelled Frank still got to nominate Shane and JoJo for eviction.

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Willie's downfall began when he was HoH and his paranoia led to him having a rather epic blow-up with Frank.

When Frank stayed and won HoH, Willie obviously knew he was in serious trouble, as were the other members of Britney's team who he was dragging down.

After Janelle won the coaches competition Friday she made Willie, Shane and JoJo Have-Nots for the week (Ian also volunteered).

That was enough to set Willie off. He knew he was going to be nominated and go home and there was nothing he or anyone could do to stop it. The best case scenario was that his teammate Shane or JoJo would go instead, but Willie didn't like the fact that he was responsible for destroying their games.

So now not only is Willie gone, but a second member of Britney's team is almost certainly leaving the game this week. That seems incredibly unfair to those two as they're being punished about 47 different ways for Willie's crimes.

It' also a bit confusing because right now, with Willie gone, there are only nine players left in the game. Does that mean we're ALREADY at the jury? It can't possibly be, so I imagine there are a few twists left that have to involve the coaches getting to play the game, otherwise this season will be over in about two more weeks.

For now I'm left feeling incredibly sorry for Shane and JoJo, who deserve so much better than to get targeted for nothing they did wrong. I blame the coaches and the fact that this twist has severely slanted the game and made it almost impossible for real alliances to be formed since the coaches got to pick the alliances.

Right now here's the only way this week will be slightly interesting. If Danielle gets picked to play in the PoV (unlikely) and wins (even unlikelier) and saves Shane. Then Frank would be forced to nominate either Ian, Jenn, Wil or Joe against JoJo. Otherwise, Shane, Danielle or JoJo are 100 percent gone.

This is the fourth time a HG has been expelled from the game. The first was in season 2 (Justin), then Scott in season 4, and most recently Chima in season 11.

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