'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Post-Reset Alliances Form
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Post-Reset Alliances Form
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother 14 sent the entire game into a tailspin with Thursday night's "reset" where all four coaches entered the game as players and there was no eviction, meaning we're right back to where we were day one with 12 players.

After the more than three hour endurance competition, everyone was left scrambling to figure out what the reset means.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Dan Spills the Beans

After pushing the button to reset the game, Dan made a rare gaffe when he told Boogie that, if he didn't push it, Frank was going home. The original plan for Thursday was for Danielle and Wil to act like they were keeping Frank, but they were both going to vote to evict him to blindside Boogie's team to stun them for the HoH competition. In other words, Dan basically said that his player, Danielle, lied to Frank when she made him think he was safe.

Dan later confessed this mistake to his "alliance" (Danielle, Shane and Britney). Was he genuinely sorry for his mistake, or is this all part of his master plan? The funniest part after the HoH competition was that Danielle (who won the endurance HoH competition) chastised Dan for his error, repeating the same stuff he always tells her about not playing emotionally.

Frank and Boogie's Final 2 Deal

After learning about the plan to blindside Frank, Boogie tells Frank and the two start to turn against everyone involved (mostly Danielle), but there's nothing they can do because she's the new HoH. Frank and Boogie make a Final 2 deal and Boogie vows to stick with his "team" even though that time is over. But Frank seems thoroughly convinced and wants to keep working with Boogie.

Who Pushed the Button?

Dan has basically confessed to pushing the reset button, but the other three coaches are denying it. Boogie is convincing (because he didn't push it) as he is very depressed about being forced into playing this game. Britney and Janelle are lying through their teeth (even to each other), denying that they pushed the button even though they both did.

The Coaches Alliance

Naturally the coaches saw the writing on the wall (8 vs. 4) and started talks about forming a coaches alliance as the only way to win. Dan seemed very open to working with Boogie, but Britney immediately told Danielle about how Janelle wanted to form a coaches alliance. It's hard to tell if this is a real thing or not, but it definitely seems like the coaches are going to be doing everything they can to steer their players to vote out each other instead of the other coaches.

The Anti-Coaches Alliance

There has already been plenty of idle talk about how the newbies need to stick together and take out the coaches. Shane, Ashley, Joe, Jenn and Wil have all mentioned it at various points throughout the first night of the reset. But the strongest voice came from Wil. Wil is the only one smart enough to realize that if the newbies turn on each other and go along with what the coaches want, then it will be a repeat of last season and a coach will win. Wil was already turning against the coaches last week, but now he's basically the leader of the resistance.

Unfortunately for him, it's an uphill battle. Wil had a chat with Frank to try and figure out where he stood, and Frank basically said he trusts Boogie and wants to work with him. Wil tried dancing around it, but it seemed very obvious that Wil was NOT on board with working with ANY of the coaches.

Who Are the Targets?

Originally, Danielle's primary target is Janelle. That's easily the smartest decision. She's the least trustworthy person in the house and she always finds a way to cause drama. Plus, despite not cheering once for Danielle during the HoH competition, Janelle was one of the first to run up and give her a big hug, cheering about how happy she was that a girl finally won HoH. It was the fakest performance ever.

Sadly, Dan's "Mist" has gotten to her (that's Britney's term for Dan's unique ability to cloud people's minds and convince them of anything he says). Somehow Danielle got turned around into thinking that they need to bring another pair into their four-person alliance, and that pair should be another coach and a player. So Boogie and Frank are one possibility while Janelle and Ashley are another. And, somehow, Dan and Britney seemed to convince Danielle that working with Janelle and Ashley would be a good thing.

WHAT? Janelle is the least trustworthy person in the house (and someone Danielle HATES because Janelle made her cry a whole lot last week) while Ashley is a useless floater who can't win competitions and who is suffering from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Not only that, but there's also a chance that Frank and Wil could be the nominees. Wow, I'll be kind of speechless if that happens. If Dan can successfully manipulate his former player into NOT nominating any of the coaches, it will be a huge move for him and the dumbest move possible for Danielle.

Did no one watch last season? When the newbies turn on each other and jump at the opportunity to work with the veterans, the result is that the veterans will skate to the end because, unlike the newbies, they are smart enough NOT to turn on each other. Dan, Britney, Boogie and Janelle may not like each other, but they know they NEED each other to survive. They will NEVER vote against one another and NEVER nominate each other. They are like Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon. And that worked out pretty damn well for them since Rachel won the game and Jeff won America's Favorite.

What do you think about the reset? Is Danielle really stupid enough to leave all four coaches in the game after this week? Will the newbies turn on one another?

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