'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Boogie Changes the Game with Four Words
 'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Boogie Changes the Game with Four Words
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The moment Big Brother 14 fans have been waiting for finally arrived late Sunday night. The four former coaches finally came together to discuss their future following the reset twist, and it was very open and honest, in the best way possible. But that was only the start of the insanity. And Boogie said four little words that changed the entire course of the season.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

First, the necessary backstory: Danielle won the Power of Veto and Boogie has pushed hard for her to use it to backdoor Janelle, thus creating a powerful six-person alliance with Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, Boogie and Frank.

Cue Sunday night, shortly after 10pm PT, when Boogie was once again talking to Dan in the HoH room to sell him on this idea (something Dan was very reluctant to do because he didn't want a coach to go home).

Britney and Janelle awkwardly came in, seemingly interrupting the game talk, but they wanted to have an open dialogue about the possibility of the four coaches working together.

But Boogie wasn't having it. The wonderfully blunt and destructively honest Mike "Boogie" Malin wasn't afraid to hide anything. He dodged questions about working together, vowed that he would never support any plan that involved evicting Frank, and said, point blank, "I don't trust you" to Janelle.

"I don't trust you." With four simple words, Boogie flipped the house. Not only did he break a cardinal rule and turn down an alliance offer, but he told the truth. Obviously it didn't help him win any points with Janelle, but for Dan and Britney, they saw how honestly Boogie is playing this game.

The delusions Dan, Britney and Janelle had about there being a strong coaches alliance were dashed by Boogie's unwillingness to be phony. Furthermore, he strongly hinted that, even if Frank gets evicted, he still won't be willing to work with Janelle. He really, really doesn't trust her.

And nor should he. In a game full of lies and deceit, where Boogie is regarded as one of the most notorious liars and manipulators in the show's history, his frank attitude is refreshing. He doesn't trust Janelle in this game, he doesn't like the whole "This person said this" style of game play she employs and, by his own admission, he fails at making social connections to the other players in the game.

The entire chat was kind of awkward because Boogie was a steamroller of honesty, Janelle pathetically tried to cheerfully say she wants to work with him, Britney kept saying that she respects Boogie's honesty while Dan said nothing and just listened, as he always does.

After less than 30 minutes of not making any real progress (Boogie wouldn't budge and Janelle offered nothing in the way of compromise), Britney and Janelle excused themselves under the guise of "We don't want all the newbies to be alone downstairs and start plotting against us."

That's when things got REALLY great. Britney and Janelle ran downstairs to talk about how crazy it was that Boogie just said "No" to a coaches alliance.

But Boogie was still upstairs with Dan, who FINALLY seemed to come around to his side. I think Boogie's complete and total honesty made Dan realize that he really is trustworthy. Also, Dan put out the idea that, maybe in two or three weeks, Boogie might want to betray them and go after Shane, but Boogie refused to accept that, saying he was 100 percent on board with their six in the Final 6. That was Dan's final test of loyalty, and Boogie passed it with flying colors.

Boogie left and Danielle came into the HoH room, and the world became topsy-turvy. On Saturday after Boogie pitched the six-person alliance, Danielle was for it, but Dan was against it, convincing her that she only wanted Janelle out for personal reasons. But after the coaches meeting, Dan flipped and basically said that Danielle was right all along and now he's agreeing with her.

Britney and Shane joined them and the four basically agreed that Frank and Boogie are now completely trustworthy and that Janelle is not at all. The crazy weekend got a little crazier. First Frank was definitely going home, then Boogie floated the plan to backdoor Janelle and Danielle was for it, then Dan talked her out of it, now Boogie talked Dan back into it. And all of that literally happened in the span of 24 hours.

Finally, Ian came up as well (who is also the fifth member of a separate alliance with Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney). They literally had a vote about what to do. Ian, Danielle and Dan were all in favor of evicting Janelle, Britney and Shane were both 50/50. And with that, democracy ruled and the decision was made to backdoor Janelle!

Britney was "scared" by the immensity of this move, but they all agreed. Ian left, Dan went to grab Frank and Boogie, and they were informed of the official decision to save Wil, nominate Janelle and send her home this week.

On top of this, Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney informed Ian of the separate six-person alliance they're forming with Boogie and Frank. It's kind of genius how these four are playing right now, with multiple alliances, all of which are trustworthy, while evicting someone who they don't trust at all and who is a huge threat.

This is a great big, giant, amazing, impressive, shocking power move. And I love it. Big Brother 14 just got REAL. Come back Monday afternoon for an update on the inevitable explosive fireworks after Janelle gets put up.

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