'Big Brother 14' Recap: Frank vs. the Entire House
'Big Brother 14' Recap: Frank vs. the Entire House
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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During the double eviction on Big Brother 14, everyone was against Frank as his two closest allies were evicted. Now he's all alone and NEEDS to win in order to stay safe. So, naturally, he does. I'm not saying the game is fixed, but if it were, this is exactly how it would play out.

Luckily we get to see all the action from the live double eviction episode which shows off just how awful Frank is. He's a bully who insults people and plays on pure emotion. Calling Ian "a terrible person" will hopefully bring more people onto my Anti-Frank bandwagon.

During the Double Eviction

After Ian won HoH during the double eviction we get to see the rapid-fire campaigning to him as everyone got about 15 seconds. Dan, Shane and Britney pushed him to go for Frank and Ashley, promising they'd have his back. Ian wanted to backdoor Frank by nominating Shane and Joe at first. It was a solid idea, but Ian was too weak to go with his gut.

Throughout the entire live hour Frank was yelling and cursing at everyone, acting like the bully that he really is. It's disgusting the way he attacked Ian, calling him "a terrible person." These are Frank's true colors and I hope all his fans see how ugly he really is.

The silliest part is that Frank insists that Dan was playing Ian and brainwashing him into doing Dan's bidding. I know it did kind of play out that way, but Ian's intention was still to get Frank out. The fact that Frank sees Ian as a naïve, helpless, pathetic shell of a human being is even more offensive than the things he's saying. Frank's blind hatred of Dan shows that Frank is really just a purely emotional player even though he likes to act like he's strategic.

Ian beats himself up, believing that he really is a bad person. Dan tries to explain that Ian is not a bad person and it's just a game. Dan is right, and it's why I respect him so much.

Britney and Shane make a quick deal with Frank to stay with him, mostly as a preemptive plan in case Frank wins HoH. Which he will, because that's the way this game ALWAYS works.

The HoH Competition

It's a skill competition where the HGs must navigate a ball on a pully system. After an initial ranking the HGs face off one-by-one.

Dan and Frank are at the bottom, so they face off to begin. In other words, Frank must go through every single person in the house to win, or else he's probably going home. And Frank wins.

Seriously? Frank beats all six other houseguests? If you tried selling this story to a movie studio, they wouldn't believe you. I know they say both boards are identical, but since Frank gets to play on the same board in every round, I can't help but assume that it's like one of those carnival games where it's rigged.

On the other hand, since Frank gets to play so many times and it's the same game every time, he is at a huge advantage because he gets more experience every time and can just repeat the same movements while the other HGs must learn it from the start. Imagine if you're playing a game for the first time against someone who has already played it five times. That's hardly fair. This game would be better (or at least more fair) if the board for every round was different. But as JoJo told us as she walked out the door, this game isn't fair.

Dan on the Outs

As HoH winner Frank gets to pick the sole Have-Not for the week, and of course he goes for Dan. Frank's intense hatred for Dan is totally irrational and just kind of annoying.

Meanwhile, Britney is cashing in on that "deal" she made with Frank to stay safe, and she's already stroking his ego, telling him that getting rid of Dan is good for her game too. He claims he trusts her more than anyone, so I hope to God she backstabs him next week. He should be punished for so idiotically trusting everyone.

Pandora's Box

Frank opens Pandora's Box and gets to pick three money cubes. He chases in with more than $3,000. While he's locked up, a second Veto is unleashed on the house. The other HGs can win it by playing the crane game in the arcade to retrieve a Veto Ball by getting 50 cents to play.

It's a mad dash as balls with coins are thrown into the backyard. Dan is very selfish, hogging as many coins as he can. He gets pretty ugly and mean. It's not quite as ugly as Frank was during the double eviction, but it's still an unappealing side to a typically good guy. The adrenaline was definitely up, and even Ian exploded with pompous comments after he won it. This entire episode isn't very fun to watch because it's just showing the ugly underbelly of the game.

Also, to continue my pattern of accusing the show of rigging the game, what we didn't see but what was talked about on the live feeds is that, at one point, production locked down the room and had to readjust the Veto Ball. There was some speculation from HGs that during that shutdown the magnet was strengthened in the claw, because apparently that's how the game works.

Frank then confronts Ian about whether he might use the Veto Ball to save Dan. Ian is noncommittal which upsets Frank, so Frank threatens to put Britney up if Ian uses his Veto Ball. I'm fine with Ian refusing to give Frank a definitive answer, and I'm annoyed with Frank because he keeps pushing Ian like the bully he is.

The Nominations

In the end, Frank does exactly what he said he'd do, nominating Dan and Danielle. Turnabout is fair play, I suppose, because Frank was just nominated with his two closest allies. Of course Dan wasn't ACTUALLY responsible for any of Frank's nominations, but that little detail is irrelevant to Frank. Dan is evil. That's that absolute truth as far as Frank is concerned.

For someone who claims to be a huge fan of this show, Frank sure does play emotionally. Even his nomination speech says this is for Boogie and Ashley and that Dan is responsible for trying to get Frank out twice before. Frank's delusion is just obnoxious, because Britney, Danielle, Shane and Joe ALSO tried to get Frank out twice before. But you can't use logic and reason on a bully.

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