'Big Brother 14': How Many Double Evictions Will There Be?
'Big Brother 14': How Many Double Evictions Will There Be?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The "Reset the Game" twist on Big Brother 14 was certainly a major shake-up. All four coaches were dropped into the game, there was no eviction and now here we are in week 4 with 12 players still in the game. Usually at this point we're down to 10 and about to head into the jury, but this season just got a whole lot longer.

And that comes with one big question: How will the show get rid of everyone? The finale of Big Brother 14 is set for Wednesday, September 19, which gives the show just six and a half weeks to evict 11 houseguests.

Going into the finale there are usually three players still in the game. By my count, that leaves six live Thursday eviction episodes between now and then, meaning nine HGs will have to go home in that time.

In other words, we're looking at THREE double eviction episodes. And all Big Brother fans know that the double eviction episodes are the best. The show packs an entire week's worth of action into a single hour as there's an eviction vote, a new HoH competition, nominations, a Power of Veto competition, a second eviction vote, and a new HoH competition all in one episode.

Double eviction episodes are also the time when big moves are made. In the last two seasons the live double evictions were used to get rid of Jeff Schroeder and Brendon Villegas. Since there's not a lot of time to strategize, it's always the big, obvious targets who go home.

Unless there's some other new twist, half of the remaining Thursday episodes will be double eviction nights. Typically there's only one, so Big Brother 14 is going to get fast-paced very quickly.

But since they've already had several game-changing twists, maybe there will be others. Here's a rather complicated concept they might try next week. The HoH gets to nominate THREE players for eviction, leaving seven others to vote. The two HGs with the most votes will both go home, and the HoH would get to be a tie-breaker. That would make the HoH a lot more powerful, but it would also create some chaos with the vote coordination. You would need to split the votes among the two people you want to send home. The potential for people going insane would be at an all-time high. However, something like this only works early when there are still enough people to allow for four of the players to be left out of the voting.

Whatever the case, having 12 players left in the house at the start of week 4 seems ridiculous, especially since there's so little time left in the season. There's going to be a lot of carnage and some of it will happen very quickly.

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