'Big Brother 14' First Impressions: Meet the New Girls
'Big Brother 14' First Impressions: Meet the New Girls
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The women of Big Brother always seem to fall into two camps. First there are the passive, laidback women who talk about integrity and morals and just want to have a good time. Then there are the Type-A personalities who want to compete and play the game.

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Big Brother 14 is no different. Three of the six new female houseguests are pretty young things who talk about integrity and having a good time. They blend together into a painfully bland trio of women I'm already bored with.

Then there are the three Js, a trio of strong-willed, dominant women who clearly don't take crap from anyone. I'm definitely biased in favor of the Js and I instantly hate the PYTs, probably because one is a model and another is a mobile spray tanner, whatever the heck that is.

Here's my take on the six new female houseguests of Big Brother 14.

Danielle: I love that she considers working with schizophrenics an asset in the game, because it's so true. I'm always turned off by Big Brother contestants who talk about morality, because it tells me they're pompous and self-righteous. You're going on a reality TV show where cameras watch you 24/7 and you have to wear silly costumes and eat disgusting food. Morality and integrity went out the window a long time ago.

Ashley: "I am going to win Big Brother with all of my super love energy." In the future, if you're wondering, that's the moment I decided to hate Ashley with the fiery passion of 1,000 suns. Seriously, every single word out of her mouth makes her sound more awful.

Kara: Yawn. This pretty model seems blander than a slice of white toast.

Jodi: I have a big bias in favor of HGs who understand the game and who follow the live feeds, so I love Jodi. Sadly, she'll probably get booted for that, though the notion of a Jodi-Ian alliance would be insanely awesome.

JoJo: As a Jersey boy, I kind of adore this Staten Island bartender. Plus her ex-boyfriend is her best friend, which is supremely weird but shows a level of emotional maturity.

Jenn: You had me at "mega awesome." This tough-looking lesbian seems like the kind of person to instantly have people fear and respect her (I can easily envision her as the HBIC in a woman's prison). I'm excited to see what she brings, since she has a certain Nakomis vibe.

So what do you think of the women? Are you a fan of the PYTs or are you on Team 3J?

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