'Big Brother 14' First Impressions: Meet the New Guys
'Big Brother 14' First Impressions: Meet the New Guys
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
With a new crop of Big Brother houseguests comes a new chance to find people we will love or hate. Will I fall in love quickly, only to be saddened when my early favorites get kicked out (Cassi and Dominic last season)? Or will I decide to hate someone from the start only to have that hatred grow exponentially (Adam)?

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Below you can check out the preview videos for the six new male contestants competing on Big Brother 14, and they range from guys I want to punch in the face to guys I REALLY want to punch in the face. There's an All-American boy, mini-Fabio, two guys who describe themselves as "likeable" and a nerd. One of them is a relative of a former Survivor and another is a relative of a former professional wrestler (and no, it's not the Iron Sheik's son, nor is it Koko B. Ware's niece).

Check out my first impressions of the new guys.

Wil: Holy crap, I am going to want to punch him in the face all season long. I'm already so over his flamboyant mannerisms and speaking style, and I can't get over the fact that he looks like Fabio, if Fabio were in the early stages of sexual reassignment surgery. Plus, anyone who models their strategy on that of a contestant who was the second person to be evicted is a loser in my book.

Frank: As a childhood wrestling fan, I love that he's Sid Vicious' son (though I'd prefer if he were Bam Bam Bigelow's son, and yes, I'm going to spend all season making references to '80s and '90s professional wrestlers, so get used to it). I also kind of love that he's obviously a Big Brother expert, not just name-dropping the big ones, but also mentioning people like Braeden (casually stepping over the overt racism). But then again, his accent and hair annoy me. So let's make him the second guy I want to punch in the face.

Joe: And here we have the THIRD guy I want to punch in the face. Like Frank, he describes himself as "likeable," which is a dead giveaway that I will NOT like him. And he seems way to aggressively nervous in this interview, forcing himself to laugh at everything. It's deeply unsettling, as is his idiotic assertion that Jeff "I wouldn't send my kids to Hogwarts because Dumbledore was gay" Schroeber was a good guy. Sorry, I don't forget my old grudges.

: Oh Ian, you know the way to my heart. He's obviously a big old nerd, and he's basically just like Cochran from Survivor: South Pacific. The only problem is that, if history and Daniele Donato have taught us anything, it's that analytical thought and reason have no place in this game.

Willie: Anyone who says that Daniele is a better player than Dick Donato is clearly a genius, so I want to like him. But I'm sick and tired of the Hantz family and the network's obsessive fascination with them.

Shane: I think this guy accidentally stumbled into the house from a Bachelorette audition. He describes himself as a "nice guy," which is so cheesey it might be true. I hope he has a skeleton or two in his closet, because right now he resembles Mr. Perfect (RIP Curt Hennig).

So Ian is basically the only guy I like, while Shane is the only other one I'm not actively rooting against. This is gonna be a long summer if these are the guys I'm gonna have to put up with. Big Brother 14 premieres Thursday at 9pm on CBS.

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