'Big Brother 14': Editing Willie's HoH Blog
'Big Brother 14': Editing Willie's HoH Blog
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's nearly the end of Willie's reign as Head of Household on the first week of Big Brother 14, and it has certainly been a chaotic one. There were multiple alliances, a huge blow-up and a constantly shifting target.

But in his final days as HoH, Willie got the chance to savor some of the perks of being in charge. He got to post a few updates on the official Big Brother HoH Twitter account, he took pictures inside the house with his digital camera and he posted his HoH blog entry.

It was posted on the CBS website Wednesday morning, though it's considerably shorter than most. Maybe he was paranoid that other HGs might be allowed to read it.

Enjoy his crazy, Nixon-esque ramblings, but be warned that there is almost no capitalization or punctuation, so it might be as difficult to read as a James Joyce novel.

"Hi everyone this is willie from bb 14 its been a crazy week not looking good right now but it changes from day to day in this crazy house. none of these players have a mind of there on. the vets are running the game and it makes me sick. im going to do what ever it takes to stay here. i miss my family and my daughters chelsea and britt i love yall so much. to all you fans out there thank yall i will never give up."

Because I'm a professional writer and I enjoy mocking people, I've decided to edit one of Willie's sentences.

"none of these players have a mind of there on."

-Obviously "none" should be capitalized since it's the start of a sentence.

-Since the subject is plural, it should be "minds," not "a mind."

 -It should be "their," not "there."

-I assume he means "own" as the final word and not "on."

So in the end, he should've written: "None of these players have minds of their own."

And that's how you make four grammatical errors in a simple, 10-word sentence where nine of the words are monosyllabic.

Of course this isn't a huge surprise. Inside the house Willie has admitted that he dropped out of school after the eighth grade because he got a girl pregnant, and at 34 he's about to become a grandfather. So it's not like book-learning and proper grammar are high on his priority list.

Willie's reign as HoH comes to an end Thursday night during the live eviction show at 9pm when a new HoH will be crowned.

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