'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 7 Power of Veto?
'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 7 Power of Veto?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Saturday was a big day in the Big Brother 13 house. Not only was there a Power of Veto competition of vital importance, but it's also Daniele Donato's 25th birthday. So the big question is: Did she get a Veto for her birthday?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Jeff is the HoH and he nominated Kalia and Porsche.

Jeff won the Power of Veto.

So after winning just one of the first 12 competitions he played in, Jeff has stepped up with two in a row. The veto competition was a puzzle and, in the best news ever, the Zingbot returned for it! ZING!!!!

Now does Jeff take one of the nominees off the block and backdoor Daniele? Probably, because despite his claims that he's going after floaters, he really wants to take out the only person who might actually stand a chance of taking him out. I suppose it's possible he won't use it, but I doubt it. I get it and acknowledge that it's the smartest move for Jeff to win, but as a die-hard Dani Fan, I'm not going to pretend that it will suck and make the rest of this season kind of dull to me.

So Daniele's birthday present is that Jeff is probably going to backdoor her and she'll be evicted. That's the cruelest zing of all.

The win brings Jeff's total this season to three wins, tying Brendon and Rachel for the lead. It also means that 11 of the 14 competitions have been won by the veterans. It brings Jeff's all-time win total to six, tying him in fifth place overall with season 6 and 7's James Rhine. The only people with more are Janelle, Daniele and Brendon.

Thanks to Daniele's Veto Ticket, everyone except Rachel got to play in the competition. She really must've ticked off the Big Brother gods since she has now missed two straight PoV competitions.

If Daniele does get backdoored, it seems like the rest of this season is going to be extremely boring. Jeff and Jordan will probably slide right into the finale because Daniele was the only thing standing in their way. Maybe Rachel might step up and turn on them, but Adam and Shelly won't and Kalia and Porsche are going to be lost with Daniele. Right now, the game is Jeff's to lose.

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